How Female Entrepreneurs Can Build Their Side Hustle

The role of women within the workforce has been gaining ground in recent years and this trend is expected to pick up pace. In fact, a recent study suggests that women now account for 33 per cent of Australian business owners. While these figures are indeed promising, such roles are not without their challenges.

One of the most common issues that any owner faces involves generating extra liquidity. This is when the power of the side hustle becomes apparent. In order to procure an additional source of income, many entrepreneurs are thinking outside of the box. Why is online investing and excellent option and what sectors are often preferred?

Flexibility, Growth and Liquidity: Online Trading Opportunities

Running a business requires talent, effort and a determination. Many owners are now working well beyond the traditional 9-to-5 schedule in order to make ends meet. This could present a dilemma, as flexibility is often lacking. Online investing may be able to bridge this gap, as trading can be based around one’s unique temporal requirements.

Furthermore, it is often possible to turn a profit by executing only a handful of positions each day; a massive benefit when time is of the essence.

The other reason why female entrepreneurs should consider digital trading is that there are a wealth of modern tools which can be leveraged in order to turn a substantial profit. Expert charting analyses, real-time news feeds, live customer support, and a host of underlying assets are only a handful of utilities which can be selected with the click of a button.

When we also highlight the fact that major trading portals such as CMC Markets offer mobile-responsive interfaces, it is clear to understand why online trading is a powerful method to generate a side hustle.

Making the Correct Choices

Business owners are not often looking to “take a punt” on a potentially volatile opportunity. They instead desire a relatively stable source of income. Thus, assets such as commodities can represent logical options. Market commodity trading will forever be a stable market when compared to more speculative ventures. Commodities are often considered to represent safe havens in the event of bearish conditions, so volatility is less of a concern. This is not to say that there is anything inherently wrong with more liquid positions; only that many start-up business owners embrace a more conservative mindset.

It is still a fact that generating a reliable side hustle takes time and a handful of mistakes will inevitably be made. The main intention is not to eliminate such errors entirely (this would be virtually impossible), but instead to limit their frequency. Some of the most prudent strategies to embrace include:

1. Developing a diversified portfolio over time.
2. Never investing more than ten per cent of one’s total capital.
3. Regularly following market news and financial updates
4. Stressing the concept of high return and low risk when trading.

Female entrepreneurs are presented with a unheard-of opportunity to enjoy professional success. A side hustle will often come in handy; particularly when a business is in its formative stages. Online investing is an excellent variable to keep in mind, as it is perfectly suited for those who require flexibility and superior sense of control.

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