How Hypnosis Can Help Deal With Our Past

When people hear the word hypnosis, many of them imagine a guy talking in a calm voice telling them to just keep their eyes on the gold pocket watch. This however is not what hypnosis is. It is not a magic trick which can suddenly turn someone into a clucking chicken or make someone instantly forget who they are. Hypnosis is a therapeutic way for people to deal with many issues they have. Hypnosis is done by professional therapists to help their patients overcome many and various issues. Starting from a bad break up and extending far beyond to more traumatic experiences and fears. To understand how and why hypnosis can help you with your past you need to know that there are different types and levels of hypnosis.

Three Types of Hypnotherapy

1. Hypnotic Amnesia

Hypnotic amnesia is a type of hypnosis used to help people forget about certain events or people that induce bad feelings from their life. Hypnotic amnesia cannot be done in just one session. It needs to be built up by the therapist having the patient talk with them about that event multiple times so that the therapist knows the best way to proceed with the hypnotherapy.  

2. Highway Hypnosis

Highway hypnosis is a type of hypnosis that affects your subconscious through subliminal messages introduced to your subconscious in the form of record you hear before you sleep. It is called highway hypnosis because it puts you in a state similar to when you daydream or when you are walking and suddenly you find yourself at your destination but cannot really remember the details of the walk.

3.Hypnotic regression

This very interesting type of hypnosis is used so that you can understand what events in your past is affecting what you are feeling and experiencing today. It is a very complicated process in which your therapist has to talk to you in a soothing voice and urge you towards meeting with your past self to reveal what troubles you.

Hypnosis is used to do a multitude of things to help patients with their problems whether due to violent events occurring to them or because they are suffering from other psychological issues.

4. Psychological issues are mainly treated using highway hypnosis and hypnotic regression

  • Anxiety

One of the main issues many people all over the world suffer from is anxiety. Anxiety could be caused by childhood trauma or stress that overwhelms one’s self. It is a very serious issue that many suffer from and do not easily overcome except with medication. Even after medication, they could revert back to having that gnawing anxiety that leads to other deadly mental disorders. It is usually treated using highway hypnosis.

  • Depression

Depression is a serious issue that does not simply mean being sad. It causes imbalances in people’s lives due to their crushing feelings of hopelessness as well as overwhelming negative feelings that could lead to feeling the urge to self-harm or commit suicide due to its severity.

  • Phobias

If you have a fear of something that is not scary to everyone else, then you probably suffer from a phobia. There are many types of phobias all around you. There are phobias of certain foods, animals and even a phobia from holes. Http:// shows you how hypnotic regression is very helpful for anyone whether they suffer from phobias or not. It also explains the process completely so you are fully aware of how and why such a process works perfectly. It makes you feel more confident as well as help you understand why you have that phobia to begin with.

5. Bad memories

Bad memories may include various events such as:

  • Abuse

People who suffered any type of abuse, whether it is physical abuse such as rape or beatings or were abused emotionally suffer from psychological issues due to what they went through. It is a very difficult but doable process to get over the trauma they endured. Some of them use hypnosis to nullify the negativity they had to go through either by amnesia or by highway hypnosis.

  • Accidents

Patients who were in accidents of any kind, will have many negative feelings associated with the circumstances surrounding the accidents they have been in. For example, if they were in a car accident while they were driving, they would be hesitant to drive again. This is because they associate driving with accidents. Using hypnosis breaks that association so that they can live their lives without being restricted.

Hypnosis has various benefits for those who undergo the process. It helps in giving self confidence that many people want to acquire but do not know how. This means that if you have a problem with your self esteem or self consciousness hypnotic regression helps you gain it. It also promotes self appreciation and love. This is a very important trait to have especially after going through rough times or experiencing traumas. Not only does hypnosis do all of that on the emotional and psychological level, but it also helps understand the cause of and ease any chronic pain you might be experiencing.

Hypnosis is a way for many people to overcome the hardships they suffer throughout their lives. Whether they have psychological issues due to certain trauma or any other reason, it is safe to say that this process is a great alternative to those who tried the medicine route and it did not work, or simply want an alternative which can help them get back the life they want.

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