How Successful Women Entrepreneurs Raise Funding (Infographic)

It should come as no surprise that women are making a strong impression in the workplace with the emergence of equality-driven policies and initiatives. With more and more women speaking out about gender-based discrimination they have faced at work, the cultural tide is slowly starting to shift to become a landscape where sexist policies and mindsets are being weeded out. And for good reason, because when it comes down to the bottom line, having more women in the workforce, and especially in positions of leadership, means more success all around. Given the statistics which show over 50% of workers would rather work for women lead companies, gender equality and having a more diverse and inclusive business can set you on path to financial success.

Additionally, more than 57% of business team members agree gender inclusive practices improve business outcomes. So why are women still being treated differently by investors? It may be our own fear of failure from being told no time and time again, or it may be the struggle to find the right mentors to help us reach our goals and aspirations. Whatever it may be, many women around the world are facing this issue, and it needs to be talked about more.

According to one study, female founders only received 2% of Venture Capital dollars in 2017. There is clearly a systemic problem that needs to be addressed.

Kevin O’Leary of Shark Tank sees the determination women entrepreneurs have, continuously seeking more women leaders to maximize his investments. Out of the 40 companies, he’s invested in, 95% of women entrepreneurs have hit their goals compared to the 65% of businesses that are male-led. This issue is going to need more men like “Mr. Wonderful” speaking out with the facts and encouraging other investors to take stock of their own as well as systemic bias.

As individual entrepreneurs and business people, there are a number of ways women can set themselves up for success. If you are a powerful woman ready to hit the ground running growing your own business, Fundera has compiled 9 steps for you to successfully raise money like a boss. Check out the infographic below:

How Successful Women Entrepreneurs Raise Funding

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