How The Girl Scouts Empowered Me To Start A Business And Solve Problems In Entrepreneurial Ways

By Naomi Porter

The future is not what it used to be, thanks to the global pandemic. Work has changed, and no matter what career young girls ultimately pursue, they’re going to have to constantly adapt and innovate in order to succeed–just like entrepreneurs do. So why not educate them that way? 

In order to learn entrepreneurship, one must practice and do entrepreneurship. Sitting through guest speaker presentations and PowerPoint lectures is just a starting point. Students need to actually DO entrepreneurship and my Girl Scout Gold Award project helped project participants achieve this. 

Entrepreneurs are people who create new businesses, products, services or find ways to improve what currently exists. Entrepreneurs have courage to try something different and solve problems in new ways. They look in their community for ways to make positive and lasting changes. And it starts with YOU. 

I began my entrepreneurial journey when I was 11 years old, surrounded by older high school boys. As a young entrepreneur, I noticed there was a need for an eco friendly and portable spice kit. So, I created a product that could fill this need. Spice It Up, is a company that sells travel spice kits that are portable and affordable. The kit is reusable, waterproof and lightweight- perfect for all scouting adventures.   

At age 13, I launched my second business: Bright Futures Tutoring & Academic Coaching. I noticed that many sixth graders were struggling with the increased homework and study skills demands of middle school, and I realized I could help. I created a business to support families and students by equipping them with study skills, organizational strategies and academic assistance. As my business rapidly expanded, I realized I needed help. I now hire and manage a team of employees who have serve over 15 students.

I am passionate about entrepreneurship and equipping my generation with the skills they need to be successful. As previously mentioned, my Girl Scout Gold Award partnered with five organizations to provide free entrepreneurial education. With extensive mentorship, a hands-on curriculum, and real-life experiences, each student launched their own business and had an opportunity to receive start-up funding. 

My activism journey continued as just this year,  I co-founded Today is Her Story after noticing there were no teen empowerment organizations RUN by teen girls. Today is Her Story provides a platform for girls to share their story, educate themselves, and learn from others. We host a podcast Don’t Quit Do It where we interview women and teens changing the world. We want to provide a platform for girls to identity and connect with. We have interviewed female doctors, astronauts, and entrepreneurs- all not typical women “dominated” fields. We want girls to be able to achieve their dreams. Be sure to listen on spotify, apple podcasts, and other platforms. 

One of the biggest impacts in my life has been Girl Scouts. As most successful women in business would say, selling Girl Scout cookies was their first business- I am no different. I am a proud Gold Award Girl Scout, but beyond that I have had the honor of being a two year national intern for Girl Scouts of the USA. Through which I’ve developed a national TV show, run focus groups on mental health, wrote research reports, and provided relevant content for scouts during COVID. Just recently, our team of interns presented our mental health research to the National Board because we recognize the importance of mental health.

 My advice for anyone looking for an internship would be to find your PASSION. And do it for YOU. Not your parents, not a college, nor anyone else. But do it for YOU and your future. Because the organization will see that passion. They will feel your fire. And it will be beneficial to everyone. 

If my story has taught you anything is that if you can dream it- you can DO IT. As women we are taught to doubt ourselves and compare ourselves to others. But in reality- we are FAR more similar to one another than we are different. We all strive to make our world a better place. And It starts with uplifting each other. It starts with showing up.Thus,it starts with becoming an entrepreneur.

If you remember nothing from this blog, remember this- entrepreneurs look for a need in their community. They ask themselves how they can make a difference. And I encourage you to do the same things. Find your passion. Show up. Because if there’s anything 2020 has taught us- is when we support and UPLIFT each other. 

Naomi Porter is a teenage serial entrepreneur, public speaker, and activist from Los Angeles, California. She is the CEO and founder of two businesses, Spice It Up and Bright Futures. Naomi is also a national intern for Girl Scouts of the USA and a 2020 Girl Scout Gold Award for providing free entrepreneurial education courses during the pandemic.
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