How To Break Your Way Into The Fashion Influencer Scene

Influencers are arguably the most powerful force in fashion marketing in 2019. Social media and overall digital presence has caused an increase in the amount and the types of influencers. If you are looking for a way to make a name for yourself in this space, take these tips.

Differentiate yourself from others

Anyone can start talking about fashion on their social media channels, but it takes a true influencer to use these platforms to change people’s buying patterns. Think about what you have to offer as an influencer. Do you wear a lot of patterns or mix fabrics and colors? Whatever it is, find your style and strategize a way to market yourself to the right audience.

Find other influencers who have similar styles and start interacting with them and their followers. These people are often going to respond positively to your online presence because it aligns with their fashion interest.

Have some fashion hot takes

You can’t just post a picture of your outfit everyday and be done with it. People interested in fashion want something new from influencers, such as trend ideas (like how to style a scarf). There has to be some value that you can show your influencers such as sales from your favorite shops that are hidden gems. If you work your networking magic, you could even hear word of sales coming up that you can relay to your followers. The point is that being influential means having something to say that people want to know.

A good rule of thumb is to plan on creating at least one blog post that reveals a fashion opinion or hot take. For example, your top five dresses for the season that are under $20. Articles like these are a sure way to bring value and increase your engagement.  

Be active on every form of social media

You are missing out as an influencer if you aren’t using every channel possible to reach your audience. This means exploring social media channels like Pinterest and Instagram. There is at least one segment of your target audience on every social network out there. Think of fun content that you can shift to work on any platform. What makes a great YouTube video could also make a good blog post and shortened Instagram video. Thinking of how your fashion content can work in different ways is essential to keeping followers entertained.

Being active also gets you more loyalty, exposure, and more connected followers. Posting quality posts often will prove you are worth the follow and have a lot to say. You might even spark the attention of a social media account manager at your No. 1 brand. The brands you want to work with will be provoked to reach out to you after seeing your hard work.

Have a way to track your success

If you want to be successful as an influencer, you are going to want to grow every month. Putting in the hard work while also keeping track of growth can be overwhelming, which is why you need to set goals to track success. For example, you may receive free products in exchange for posts. As your account grows and your influence gets stronger, your goal should be to get paid a fair amount per sponsorship. Influencers like Kylie Jenner make nearly $1 million per post. This is a lofty goal that would take literal fame, but you can still make a good chunk of change with your hard work.

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