How To Find Your Signature Perfume Scent

As the summer creeps up on us, you may be considering either choosing or changing the ideal perfume to wear for the next few months. A lot can be said for choosing a signature scent, as this can be a subtle indicator of your personality and the style that you want to portray in your everyday life. This often means that the fragrance you select to compliment you and make an impact on a more consistent basis needs to tick a whole host of boxes, so here’s what you should be looking for before making a decision.

Why consider Carolina Herrera’s Good Girl?

Before we look at how to choose a signature perfume, let’s take a look at this season’s top choice – Carolina Herrera perfume Good Girl. This is a fragrance that was designed to be a signature scent at its core, so there is no one rule as to when it can and can’t be worn. Wearers can expect a high-impact, high-quality perfume that is curated from the base notes up, to truly turn heads. It works with seemingly opposing fragrances that create a perfect balance for the everyday wearer.

Women around the world have sought after this perfume since it was created in 2016 and it hasn’t fallen in favor since. It combines tuberose and cocoa for a warm sultry mix, while taking rose and peach for a more playful, fruity facet that brings a very unique blend of light and dark floral yet gourmand notes. It really does take not just fragrance to a whole new level; but also the intrinsic nature of a perfume that will never get old.

If this designer perfume is a little out of your price range at a whopping $86.84 per 50 mil, you may want to consider looking for a replica for a fraction of the price that doesn’t skimp on impact. This is where Dossier comes in with Fruity Almond, a cruelty-free, vegan, expertly crafted fragrance inspired by Good Girl that uses nothing but the highest-end ingredients for the most potent, long-lasting perfume that speaks to your soul.

Why look for a signature scent?

One of the top reasons to find a specific scent to wear every single day is to create a cohesive, empowering vibe that will complement your clothing style, your hairstyle and even your makeup; whether you work in an office and want to portray a strong, decisive attitude or you work with children and would like something a little more light, fruity and fun (or anything in between).

For many individuals, it can take a lot of time and effort to determine the right signature scent for their needs, so here are the key factors that you should keep in mind when the time comes to find yours:

Fragrance families

Understanding fragrance families can be pivotal when unlocking what you are truly looking for from an everyday wear scent. All perfumes will fall into one genre or another, but there may be a few blurred lines in between. If you have a better understanding of the top, middle and base notes that appeal to your senses, you will have a better chance of defining those that fall into a category and choosing the one that will become a key part of your day.

Floral-based perfumes will be more feminine and can sometimes lean towards mature, whereas spicy fragrances will be warmer and give off a more sultry vibe. Perfumes that prioritise woody scents are typically more earthy, whereas citrus perfumes are fresh, fun and light.


The next thing you should consider is the fact that as perfumes are designed using scent profiles and the way that molecules interact with each other to create specific fragrances, these will also be impacted by the natural oils that are present on an individual’s skin. This means that the fragrance you choose will likely smell different when you use it than when somebody else does.

When it comes to choosing a signature scent it’s always a good idea to narrow your selections down to a few and spend some time wearing them. This will help you to see how the nuances of the notes evolve throughout the day, as well as give you a better idea of the quality of the perfume, the longevity and whether or not you like it and others complement you.

It will always be worthwhile to keep current trends in mind, although this should be taken as a secondary consideration when choosing your signature scent. After all, if the wider audience and fragrance enthusiasts choose to promote ingredients like moss or green tea, your preferences may fall widely out of this demographic. However, if there are positive reviews and great feedback for a certain brand, the chances are that you will want to pay attention to what they offer in terms of strength, durability and long-lasting wear.

Take into consideration the above points when looking for your signature scent this summer.