How To Make The Most Out Of A Conference As A Female Entrepreneur


Female entrepreneurs are leading the way all over the world as they take charge of companies in every sector and drive them towards greater profitability and success. This is why it should come as no surprise that there are so many professional conferences held all over the world that are hosted with female business leaders in mind. It has pretty much become a given that if you are a business owner, an entrepreneur or a solopreneur, at some point in your career you will attend some conferences and networking sessions to further your success and learn from the best.

If you are one of these talented female leaders, how can you make the most of a conference? We have some helpful tips that will ensure every professional conference you attend will be a worthwhile and enjoyable experience.

1. Use the conference to promote yourself.

In addition to using a professional business conference as an opportunity to learn new things, it is also a great way to gain additional visibility in the marketplace and effectively promote yourself to new vendors and potential customers. So instead of just attending a conference, why not become a presenter, too? If you do not feel comfortable working as a presenter, you can instead volunteer on one of the conference’s committees or work as a session facilitator. These visible roles will make you stand out from the crowd of attendees.

We’ve all heard the saying “if you don’t ask you don’t get”, let this be a valuable tool for you! The worst response you can get is “no”, so don’t be afraid to ask for bigger and better ways that you can promote your business or get involved.

2. Carefully choose the sessions you will attend.

There will be plenty of workshops and speaking sessions to attend with some of the most inspiring people in the business world, including female leaders, but you may not be able to see everything that you want because some sessions may overlap with others in terms of schedule. It can be a little overwhelming, so to make the most of your conference, you will need to decide which sessions are the most important and that are the must-see ones on your to-do list.


Try to attend a variety of sessions that will provide you with everything from skill-building workshops, to lessons on a variety of topics. Social events should also be included into your schedule, as you will want to relax and use this as an additional chance to meet new people and network.

If you find yourself in a session that is not as appealing or useful as you thought it would be, feel free to get up and leave so you can attend another. Your time is valuable and if you are paying money to attend, you want to make sure you leave armed with the best information possible.

3. Make valuable connections with expert speakers.

Take the conference as an opportunity to connect with a variety of experts, particularly those who are speaking at the event. These are people that you definitely want to know and connect with, so do not hesitate to ask them important questions or simply say hello and tell them how much you enjoyed their session. Swap business cards and connect on social media.

Getting to know someone who is an expert in your field is akin to getting a PhD from a top University – you learn from the best and can implement lessons from these successful people that you will probably never find elsewhere.

Making connections in general is extremely important as an entrepreneur and a business women. You have to open yourself up to opportunities you never thought you would, in order not to place limits on your success.

There are a variety of conferences that female entrepreneurs can benefit from, and there are also many opportunities for you to host your own conference geared towards women in the business world. If you are thinking about hosting your own conference, Venue Search London is a great place to start when it comes to finding the best venue for your event.

Like any industry, the more you become involved and network, the smaller it gets. Attending a conference is a great way to ensure your business or idea can thrive. And if you have an opportunity to become a keynote or guest speaker, panelist or workshop leader, jump at the opportunity because it will give you a chance to share your ideas with a new audience and increase your visibility as an entrepreneur.

The majority of the world’s biggest and most successful female entrepreneurs all attend conferences and network on a regular basis.  We hope this will encourage you to think about how to stretch and grow your goals by hearing from some experts in your field.


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  1. Couldn’t agree more guys. It’s really important that the gender imbalance at the higher levels of corporate management gets sorted out – this article still just as relevant in 2018 as it was a few years ago.

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