How To Prepare Your Child For Their First Day Of Preschool

Pre-school is the start of your child’s school life, and it can be a little difficult for them to adjust to the new changes. As a parent you might be scared to enroll your child to preschool because you are afraid that they won’t adapt to the new environmental changes. The advantage of preschool is that your child will be able to learn new things, and they will also make new friends. These skills help your child to be successful in their educational future. Seeing your child going to preschool can be as hard for you as it is hard for them, too, as you will also have mixed emotions of excitement, apprehension and sadness.

Moreover, preparing your child academically for preschool is not that difficult, and you might have already started doing it but may haven’t noticed yet. Partaking in activities such as reading, playing and exploring together helps your child prepare for preschool. You could also opt for puzzles, going out for nature walks and taking your child to a Dural childcare centre.

Steps to prepare your child for preschool 

1. Set a schedule 

When you come up with a routine, it helps you to know what activities need to be done on that day, and it can also make it easier for your child to set their mind to the schedule they will have to follow when they start school. It is easier for kids to learn things faster when there is a schedule they have to follow. Routines usually help your child to be orderly, and they also learn about the concept of time. 

2. Stick to the morning and bedtime routines 

When routines are done consistently, they give your child a sense of belonging and reassurance and parents also get a chance to connect with their children. So as a parent, you need to be available, attentive and responsive to your child’s needs. An early morning routine could involve helping your child to make the bed, get dressed and eat breakfast and brush their teeth and assemble everything that they need in the right order. 

3. Consider teachable moments 

Children usually ask a lot of questions, and they are usually very curious, and with this, you can teach your child so many things in such a short period. Even if you have a busy schedule, look for a time where you will be able to teach your children about the world. Teachable moments can also make your child empathetic; when you teach them how to help other people and care for them, it makes your child more empathetic. 

4. Play school together at home 

You could develop some games that your child will be playing in school, and you can recreate them at home. You could take time to read stories to your child, sing songs with them and create nap time. Whereas you can change the rules and make your child the instructor, this will make your child know that school can be fun and they shouldn’t be anxious about it. 

5. Share your experience 

You could sit your child down and explain to them how your first day of school was, how you felt about the new change and the memories you made. In case you have your preschool photos, you could show them to your kid so that they can have an overview of what will be going down when they go to school. 

6. Listen to your child 

Before school starts, ask your child how they feel about preschool and assure them that everything they feel is normal, and they will get used to the change in no time. You can also reassure them that starting something new can be hard, but it can also be a fun experience and make them feel safe by telling them that you will always be outside school to pick them up once they are done with classes. 

Prepare them for success 

Every child is scared to start preschool, but as a parent, you need to consider the techniques listed above so that you could help your child outgrow the fear and enjoy the thought of starting school. Also, make sure you are with them in every step until they get used to school. 

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