How Women Are Making Strides In The World Of Marketing


You may or may not be surprised to learn that almost a third of all Americans are currently employed in some sort of marketing position, with many more studying marketing at schools such as Tribeca. When you think about it that really is a staggering amount of people to work in marketing – and it’s also a legitimate way to work your way up the career ladder, with a recent study finding that marketing is the industry where the most top executives have come from. Traditionally, women have been employed in the advertising and retailing areas of marketing, however more and more women are making their way over to the many other areas of sales and marketing.

Advertising has always been a female friendly industry to work in, however it is still slightly dominated by men, with males taking up 51.3% of the advertising workforce. Although this percentage is almost equal, it is not a clear representative of the male/female divide when working at a higher position – in fact, only 13.5% of all people who work in advertising are females who hold a high level position such as chairperson, managing director or CEO.

Only 27.3% of executive management positions in general are held by women, although this is slowly but steadily growing. Women’s earnings in marketing and sales reflect this inequality in positions, with women earning a mere 67.5% of a man’s wage.


In 2009, a study of women working in marketing by Brandweek was met with strong agreement from marketers of both genders that women are currently experiencing high levels of success in marketing positions. Eighty percent of people questioned believe that women are definitely experiencing more success now in marketing than they have in the past, and 66% believe that women are more successful in marketing than they are in other departments and industries.

Their success is down to the fact that in general, women tend to have a different approach to marketing than men. Whilst men prefer to think in linear and hierarchical terms, ladies in marketing tends to have a more contextual approach, focusing on interconnecting knowledge, experience, options, facts, relationships, and goals in a non-linear manner.

Of recent times, women have begun to see more traction when it comes to job development. Of the fifteen job categories in the United States that are predicted to show the most growth and development over the last decade, all but two are dominated by female workers, and around 40% of working wives in the US are earning a higher salary than their husband. However, with women accounting for around 28% of vice-president and senior-managerial roles and only 14% of seats on executive committees, there is still plenty of room for growth when it comes to equality for men and women in the professional world – including marketing.

In consideration of these figures, we hope there will be an increase of women in all areas of marketing. After all, it is about representation and the knowledge of where women are making strides. The more information like this becomes common knowledge, the less it becomes a daunting place for women to enter.


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