I Finally Accepted I’m Never Going To Look Like Beyonce…And I’m OK With That!









By Tatiana Burton

The pressure of getting into shape is everywhere you go. The stress to look like a bombshell post baby body (even if you didn’t have one prior) is mind-boggling.  I guess I could thank the media for that. Ok, eating my kid’s leftovers off of their plates IS NOT a form of portion control. Go figure. Although carrying almost 50 pounds (my twins) up and down a flight of stairs twice a day does not count as a full workout. Shocker. I want to get healthier, I want to be in shape, and be that example for my little ones. The problem was, how was I going to start?

I figured the way I can start this lifestyle change is to first stop paying attention to moms in the entertainment industry. And stop watching infomercials. Having to come to terms that I’m not going to look like Beyonce was a fact I’d have to accept. Most importantly, focusing on losing weight had to stop. Yeah, I said it. Stop focusing on losing weight. That still is hard for me, but also attainable. I needed to figure out a plan not only for myself but also my kids to live a healthier life. Starting with what I’m eating and what I’m feeding them.

I tried doing a food journal that worked for a day. Then I tried designating my “NO” person in every environment I’m in. Their job was to be my conscience in the physical form, and I couldn’t ignore them. That didn’t work, I was ready to end friendships all behind a Pepsi and a Twix.  It was that serious. I had to make a change.

Through this process of course, its always good to consult your physician before any workouts. Something I never took seriously until, pulling a muscle in my lower abdomen. Not just once, or twice, but three times with a not so happy trip to the doctor. So, I forgot it takes almost 3 years for your lower abdominal muscles to heal after having a c-section. Yeah, I know. The anxiety of not being able to workout as hard as I liked bothered me. Until I found Vinyasa Flow Yoga. Strengthening those muscles and finding a new passion to enjoy, excited me. Staying active is the goal.

I had to stick firmly to wanting this lifestyle change. I was able to complete my first 5k run. The thought of running 3 miles was something I thought I could never do. But I did it and I’m ready to do more! I’m glad to have a great support system around me who wants what I want. Being a parent one of the greatest gifts to give back to your kids is knowing the steps you set in place for them to follow are good ones. Being able to outlast my kids in playing is the ultimate reward to myself.




Tatiana Burton

Tatiana B is a Los Angeles native, the middle child of 3 girls, she’s the sane one of course! She is a mom to 3 beautiful kids, one boy and twin daughters. When she’s not working as the Production Secretary for Americas Next Top Model she spends her time exploring and enjoying time with her kids.
Tatiana sees herself as a motivator for others. Not just for her kids but also to motivate the next extraordinary woman. She wants to help them see if she can accomplish so much with 3 kids in tow you can do the same with 1 or none. The Mantra she lives by is: If everyone can wake-up believing and accepting Women are power, we can change the world.


  1. Thank you for your transparency, Tatiana. As a wife and mother, I have also made the decision not to compare my body to others and embrace the changes that have resulted from pregnancy & motherhood. The most important this is being healthy and confident in our own skin!

    • Tatiana B says:

      Thank you Emonne! I totally agree with you, being healthy and confident in our own skin is. Finding that balance is key 🙂

  2. you rock, tati!

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