I Quit My Toxic Job, Took A Journey Around The World To Find Myself & A New Perspective, And Became A Yoga Teacher

This is a story of struggle and defeat. A story of getting up just to be knocked down again. But don’t worry, it is also the story of how I took all these hardships to grow and find my ultimate purpose in life. It led me to discover my gift to empower other women and help them connect to their inner voice.

Let me take you back to summer of 2016 when I moved to Australia for a year to study abroad. It started out amazing: I went to parties, found new friends and I met someone who I quickly started to develop strong feelings for. He was funny, charismatic, and good-looking with a bad reputation of being a bit of a player. Our romance was to come to an abrupt end when he had to return to Canada. We kept in touch for a few weeks after he had left but the distance was too much for him. One day, after a small disagreement, he stopped responding to my messages. I tried different ways to get back in touch but it was obvious that he had no interest in trying to make it work anymore. I was truly devastated and it would take me a long time to get over him.

After my year in Australia, I moved back to Germany. I was still heartbroken and completely unprepared for what was awaiting me back home. During all this time I spent living abroad, a family member very close to me had fallen into a dark depression which found its ultimate lowest point when he attempted to commit suicide. He was rushed to the hospital and it seemed like an eternity passed until the doctor finally stepped out of the surgery room. I remember the doctor’s face when he said someone must’ve watched over him. It was a miracle he survived that day but the incident had a traumatic effect on me and my family. 

A few months after this, I graduated university. With high hopes and big dreams, I applied for my first job. It seemed like a dream job in the beginning, however, it soon turned out to be a nightmare. My boss was someone who simply did not care about other people. The only thing on his mind was making profit. I was working as part of the sales team with another 20 women who all despised him. He had serious anger issues which he couldn’t control. I remember when one of my fellow female co-workers got out of a meeting still shaking because of what had happened. She was great at her job and had been working for the company for quite some time but when she asked him for a pay raise, he lost it and yelled at her she should leave if the salary wasn’t good enough for her. He called the rest of the sales team a bunch of lazy people and losers and told her we should be grateful for the money we got for just sitting on our asses all day.

Shortly after this incident, one of my female colleagues was fired in the middle of the day. With tears streaming down her face, she packed up her stuff and they escorted her out of the office like a criminal. When I spoke to her she told me he never gave her a reason for firing her without a warning. 

At that point I had lost all my pride and enthusiasm to work for the company. I woke up everyday asking myself: What am I doing? Why am I wasting my time working for a guy like that? I was also still struggling trying to mend my broken heart and  finding ways to cope with the trauma of almost losing someone I dearly loved to depression.

In February of 2019, after another bad incident at my workplace, I decided I had enough. I wrote my resignation letter the same night and quit my job the next morning. Before I left, I insisted to tell my boss face to face everything that had bothered me about the way he treated me and my fellow female co-workers. I felt like I owed it not just to myself but also to all my colleagues. It was the first time I ever stood up to an “authority person”. It took me a lot of courage but damn it felt good. 

Without a job, and with no reason to stay in Germany, I bought a one way ticket to Nepal. My mission was to hike to Mount Everest Base Camp. It had been a lifelong dream of mine but I never dared to think I could actually do it. My quest was successful and after eight days of hiking through the Himalayan mountain ranges, I stood at the foot of the highest mountain in the world at 17,600 ft. It was an unbelievable feeling. 

I went on to travel the rest of South East Asia. A few months went by hopping from one country to the next, when I started to think of ways to earn money while travelling. Searching the web for jobs, I found yoga teaching to be the perfect opportunity. I had practiced yoga in the past and yoga teachers were in high demand. 

In Myanmar I met a girl who told me about her yoga teacher training on Koh Phangan and how much she loved it. I was convinced that this was my calling… It turned out I was right: This experience changed everything for me. During my training I learned about yoga and mindfulness concepts and practices which I never knew existed. The inspiring people I met, and the incredible effect yoga had on me, led me to become more and more fascinated with the practice. 

After 10 months of solo travelling around the world, I returned home as a certified yoga teacher. The yoga and mindfulness practices I learned helped to put everything in my life into perspective. I found ways to deal with my emotional pain and my self-doubts. I discovered new confidence in myself and what I really wanted to do. It was incredible. 

I knew I had to do something with this knowledge, so I started working on an online Yoga & Mindfulness Course to share what I learned during my yoga teacher training and through extensive self-study with others.

The course is a 28-day immersion into the world of yoga and other mindfulness concepts. I coach women how to incorporate these practices into their own lives to help them improve their mental state and overall well-being. By connecting them to their inner voice, I empower them to understand their thoughts and emotions better and let go of old, limiting belief systems.

Find more info about my course at vegabondviv.com

Download my new eBook called “Indestructible Me – The 4 Steps To Navigating a Challenge With Confidence And Ease” here: https://bit.ly/2zGQgqc

Vivien Prien graduated with a degree in Tourism Management but discovered her calling to coach women to live more aligned with their true purpose and connect to their inner voice during one of her trips around the world. She became a certified yoga teacher in 2019 and has been on a quest to promote mindfulness and yoga ever since. She recently created a Yoga & Mindfulness course to help more women connect to their inner voice and emotions and understand themselves better. You can learn more about Viv’s course by visiting her website (vegabondviv.com)

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