I Shed Layers Of Insecurity & Self-Hatred And Underneath Found My Beauty, Worth & Passion


By Jenny Arzola

Life is full of precious moments and we are meant to live them. I mean it’s either that or you dim your light; I choose not to fog mine. I want my light to shine brightly, I allow my heart to guide my desires and I rather learn from every experience than dig myself deep in a hole where nothing but fears & lies exist.

Lies you end up telling yourself because of beliefs thrown upon you mainly by society, meant to keep you in a lower state of mind, full of self-doubts, and attracting all of what you don’t want. You see, our universe is all about energy and duality rules it. It’s about attracting positive or negative energy or situations into our existence, leaving it up to us to decide what we rather experience! Simple as that. That is exactly what my old, outdated self had to realize, in order to achieve the better version of myself that I am emitting today.

Life’s challenges aren’t easy and I’ve been through a lot of them. In reality, I appreciate this fact because it’s taught me to see every life lesson as a growing & learning experience, even when I absolutely have no control over them. I’ve been on this earth for about a quarter of my lifetime now and I’ve had my tough moments. Moments that we all seem to have in common, just in different ways. They have been memorable ones, some more than others, but all of them important.


The journey of finding myself has been long and full of ups and downs. But finally, the innovated motivated self that I am now, connected greatly with her passion/mission. My old self used to look up to the standards of society. I used to resonate with insecurities that were deeply rooted in me since childhood. In today’s society, most women are being shaped & influenced by what society considers to be worthy, cool, trendy & beautiful.

I believe this is leading women, specifically younger generations, to live in a state of self-criticism, suppressed anger, shame, unworthiness, social isolation & lack of self confidence. Self destructive patterns that lead them to unhealthy and unconscious habits. I also think some are even afraid to admit to this because they think they won’t be considered “cool” or “accepted” by their peers. But the way I see it, what has society done for me? Nothing really, I’ve done it all by myself. The doing and the undoing. The learning & applying, the releasing of my karma.

I’ve transferred the feeling of self-doubt and acceptance to knowing the power inside of me. I accept who I truly am and I accept myself with all my imperfections. I know for sure that my future holds more lessons for me to keep growing from. But I’ve released all sense of expectations, leaving my path open to more discoveries. Insecurities are part of the world we live in. That doesn’t necessarily mean that we must experience them, it just means that we have them mostly because of what we have chosen to do with our world.


Sometimes I wonder the “what if’s” of life. Like, what if we lived in a world where insecurities didn’t exist? Can you picture that? I can’t imagine! Women are being constantly bombarded with the image of perfection & taught how to attain it. When in reality, our bodies, this planet, and our universe all run at a level of perfection already. Insecurities guide your soul towards a dark lifestyle that repels positivity.

Life has put me through certain situations, jobs & environments where I’ve learned to recognize when other women allow their insecurities to take over them, teaching me to observe how they mirror it back to myself and those around them. Throughout the years, it got to a point where there were just too many of them, acting out from their lowest points of views and highest insecurities, blaming it on myself or others. It just never seemed to make sense in my head. Until I began seeing life from a different perspective.

That is where my mission to empower others, specifically women, stems from. I still have a long way to go and a lot more to learn. But I want to share my current knowledge so I can help women realize that they are all beautiful in their own unique way. I would love for them to see life as clear as I see it through my eyes. I want their insecurities from past life traumas or society’s influences to slowly fade away as they embrace a new self that will lead them to their infinite power & abundance. This is where my inspiration for this motivational short film, ‘NAKED: I’m Going Naked For The Sake of Beauty and Humanity’, comes from.


I aim to start a new trend, a #goingnaked trend, where women start embracing their authenticity & talents without the need to belittle themselves or others. A trend that vanishes expectations of what we consider to be real beauty and perfection. Let’s diminish the need to express feelings of jealousy or hatred amongst ourselves. It’s better to recognize those feelings and turn them around in our favor. Study them, learn from them, think: “Why am I really feeling like this?”

Go inwards & ask yourself. Remember, your perception of me is nothing but a reflection of yourself. My assumption of you is an awareness of me. Hence, what you see or feel towards others is nothing but a mirror of your inner beliefs. It even mirrors your flaws so you can get a chance to master them. Life is full of challenges, we just need to learn how to embrace them & just like everything else, it takes practice. I’m confident we can achieve this!

Jenny Arzola is best known for her positive influence and empowering work, published on her own YouTube Channel. Acting is her passion & YouTube is her mission. Jenny is an actress and she’s fulfilling her passion for helping people through her channel.

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