Important Tips For Women Who Travel Solo

Traveling by yourself is a great way to do some soul searching. Solo traveling not only helps you get your perspectives and priorities straight but also allows you to have fun in a different way. You don’t need to depend on someone while you are traveling solo. You can make all the decisions. However, despite all the benefits of solo traveling, it’s important women take into account their safety and well being, because sadly we still live in a world where being a woman means being a target in a number of ways. We’ve all heard stories of women being catcalled, mugged, and even sexually assaulted while traveling.

But that doesn’t mean women shouldn’t solo travel. Why should boys have all the fun? It’s all about being prepared to make the most of your trip. For example, if you are planning to travel solo to Cancun and you are not aware of the right rental homes that would suit your needs, a quick search for some of the luxurious holiday rentals Cancun can help you find the best deal possible. Here are the few more tips and hacks you should keep in mind for a safe solo trip:

Dress as the locals do
Dress like a local when you are off to an unknown land. The moment you dress like a local, you do not stand outside the crowd but you blend in and are less likely to attract unwanted attention. Beware of the roads you will be traveling on. Do some solid research before you set off for your trip in terms of the kind of dresses locals wear and the attire you should avoid. This will make your time less stressful.

Don’t read your address loud
Solo traveling and meeting new people go hand in hand. When you are in a group you tend to stick to your group and avoid striking conversation with strangers. But when you are going solo you tend to look for conversations and people. In case you strike up a conversation and inevitably bond with new people, be aware of letting them know your address or the hotel you are staying in. Suggesting more common and public landmarks to meet at might be a better idea initially. You inevitably take a risk when you let them know of your location. Play it safe and have fun.

Say no to alcohol
Any form of intoxication isn’t good when you are out on a solo trip, especially alcohol. It can make you vulnerable while out on your own. Your company might be trustworthy, but you should avoid drinking with strangers, especially when you are on a solo trip. It’s important to take care of yourself and know your surroundings, especially if you find yourself in a tricky situation. Avoiding an excessive amount of alcohol on a solo trip is always a good idea.

Don’t get overfriendly
You might be an open-minded person, but the people around you might not be. Keeping your cards close to your chest might be a good idea at times. Talk to people when it’s necessary. In various places when a woman looks directly into a man’s eyes, it’s considered offensive. These are the kinds of local customs to be aware of.

Join a group tour
You might have gone on a solo trip, but that doesn’t mean you have to stay solo. Looking for day tours and group tours can be fun. They are generally a good way to stay safe and you can get even more out of a trip by joining one. You will come across people who share the same interest as yours. A group tour is the best way to get a solo trip rocking.

Must carry essentials
Do not forget to carry a pepper spray when you are traveling solo. You never know when you will be subjected to an untoward situation, and you might not be able to reach out to people who will help you out of the situation. Carrying a fake wallet is a neat trick. Keep the real cash in a safe place, somewhere hidden inside your clothing or belongings. A first-aid kit and a flashlight are also essential items for traveling, if you can fit them in. And of course don’t forget to charge your cell phone and carry a portable charger.

Solo traveling is a lifetime experience which can enrich your life. Safety is a concern and these tips will ensure you are prepared. Solo traveling can also be a spiritual process if done right. These few lists will help you make the most of your experience.

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