International Best-Selling Book Series Features Inspiring Stories Of Entrepreneur Mothers From Around The World

Mumpreneuer On Fire Australian Edition‘ is an enthralling new book, designed to help mums kickstart their businesses. Written by Estelle Keeber and Leona Burton, this edition is the latest in a series of ‘Mumpreneur On Fire’ books that grew out of Estelle’s Mums in Business Association (MIBA) organization. Based in the UK, MIBA is the fastest growing business networks for mums in the world. Formed in 2017, the network has grown to 45,000 Facebook group members worldwide, as well as almost 160,000 members, and they are continuing to grow at a fast pace.

Estelle had a vision to create a safe hub online where mothers could access the vital information they need to start and grow their business. Estelle has children herself and she is familiar with the struggles faced by mothers: lack of affordable child care, trying to juggle work with collecting children from school and working around the clock both at work in the home, in order to provide for her children. Estelle wanted to turn this on its head, by showing mothers that it’s possible to take control of your own economy and make money without burnout.

Following on from the release of 4 previous ‘Mumpreneur On Fire’ books which each featured between 20-25 real life stories of empowered women who have battled drug abuse, domestic violence, bereavement, heartbreak and more, this latest Australian edition features 12 stories of women who have battled child abuse, PTSD, suicide and more to become successful entrepreneurs against all odds.

One of those women is Sydney entrepreneur and businesswoman Lydia Binil who helps other women propel their own businesses forward with support, networking, and resources. She shared her own story of struggle in the book in the hope it will inspire others who aren’t sure of where their career is heading, especially right now as we live in such uncertain times culturally, politically and financially.

“The reality in my career was that I was becoming more and more dissatisfied. I started thinking that something was wrong with me and that I was kidding myself that I was someone special all my life. I started questioning all my achievements that far in my career. I was in a pathetic stage,” she said.

Lydia is the Coordinator of Mums in Business Association, Campbelltown, NSW. This group of Mumpreneurs has over 500 members, who meet each month. They are women who are passionate about the difference one can make and learn from everything in life, motherhood and business.

Lydia is also a Keynote Speaker, and now part of a collective of storytellers in a book that has become a best-seller. ‘Mumpreneur on Fire Australian Edition’ was released in Saturday, 23rd May and overnight it shot to the #1 best seller spot on both the Australian and UK Amazon sites in the Biographies & Memoirs of Women and Women & Business categories.

As the founder of a company that helps other aspiring businesswomen find their true passion, it was Lydia’s own journey of moving from India to Australia to study, realizing her plans weren’t her true passion, becoming a mother, and trying to balance between her ambitions and her desire to be with her baby as much as possible that enabled her to share what she had learned with other women.

In the chapter she contributed to ‘Mumpreneur On Fire’, she writes how she found herself journaling and crying to herself, realizing she had lost her fire at one point.

The words I penned in my journal (that was handcrafted by a beautiful friend) were: “I am a failure. I am not good enough. I am just a dreamer. What’s wrong with me? There’s nothing great in me. I have no way out. I am stuck in this. I hate this. Is this all? What am I made of? What is my purpose in life? What am I here for? How long should I do this?” And then comes these golden words that came out of me: “Where is that girl? Where is that fiery little girl who thought anything is possible? What have you become, my Lydi? Where is that little girl? Where is she?”
Those words were on a loop in my head: “Where did that girl disappear?”
It was like I had almost forgotten who I was and I was shocked by who I had become. This is not the girl that I was grooming myself to be. I had laid all my passion, energy, mindset aside and I had become a girl who was just ticking all the boxes.

After a series of personal and professional setbacks she eventually found her flow and was able to reflect on the sacrifices of her own mother (who had to leave her and her brother when they were 3 months old to go back to work full time as a teacher) to find her feet in a industry that is still, today, very male dominated. As a woman of color and immigrant, she is sharing her wisdom with many more women in Sydney and empowering them to own their story, and find the career path that truly works for them.

Lydia is one of 12 women featured in ‘Mumpreneur On Fire Australian Edition’ which is available now on Amazon. To learn more about Lydia Binil, you can visit her website, or connect with her via her Facebook page.


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