Is A Keratin Treatment the Right Choice For Your Hair?

If you’re seeking healthier looking hair, chances are you’ve heard of a keratin hair treatment. It’s also sometimes called a ‘Brazillian blowout’. This treatment promises to solve all of our hair woes and give you sleek, healthy hair that’s low-effort to maintain. Below is more information to help you decide if it’s right for your hair.

What is a keratin hair treatment?

This is a product sold as a hydrating way to control frizz. While it will give the right type of hair a sleek, smooth look it’s hard not to love, it’s not right for every hair type. ‘Smoothing treatments’ and the original ‘Brazilian blowout’ are often used interchangeably, but they’re not the same thing. Full blowouts will chemically rebond your hair with the protein keratin, to make it straighter. Think of the flat ironed look, but without daily effort. Smoothing treatments should not go that far, and are only rightfor those wanting to retain their natural wave or curl. Think of the full effect as an ‘anti-perm’. 

A full keratin treatment can be a lengthy procedure. It’s important to understand it is altering the chemical bonds in your hair, which can lead to damage over time if overdone or not done correctly. The results can last for up to six months, however, and make your hair much easier to manage. It will also give you that stick-straight, high-gloss look. Since keratin is the protein that comprises your hair shafts, the extra layer of keratin forcibly bonded to your own hair can also cut down on split ends and keep your hairline fuller, which can help minimize the look of hair loss if you are struggling. There is significant upkeep associated with the look, so be prepared for this.

How do I get a successful keratin treatment?

Since this is a chemical treatment for your hair, it’s important that you use a high-quality, trusted hair care partner like Lux Hair Lounge. Inferior products or poor application techniques could be disastrous. Talk the procedure over with your favorite stylist, who will be able to advise if it will be successful for you. Very fragile and dry hair may be too fragile for the bonding process.

A keratin treatment should never be tried at home. There are products that suggest they offer the same results from home kits, but it’s important to do your research. This needs a careful, practiced hand with the experience to get the job done right. Likewise, while it’s tempting to buy-in to the idea of ‘all-natural’ versions of this procedure, and it’s usually marketing hype. These products simply use natural ingredients that turn into the same chemicals once mixed and applied to your hair. Instead, get the procedure done by an expert using a quality product so that it will be done properly and safely the first time around.

While the results are only semi-permanent and the procedure isn’t right for everyone, a keratin treatment could be the perfect way to get frizz-free, sleek hair. But remember, learning to be comfortable in your own body can be one of the most empowering moves you make as a woman. Find the right treatment and product that suits you and makes you feel good.

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