Is America Really Ready For A “Madame President”?

Women in Politics

There is a shift happening in our culture, where more and more young girls and women are questioning why there still isn’t gender parity in our world, even thought it is 2013. Why haven’t we had a female president in the United States yet, when many other countries such as New Zealand, UK, Australia have?

Well the women of this country are working to change that, and with more women in congress than ever, it’s time we started using our voices to create change. There are woman taking up Obama’s “Yes we can” and “change” cries and using it as a way to show society that we have something to say. And you need to hear it!

We are sick of all the debates about abortion, contraception, maternity leave and job equality being led by men. What do they know and how are they to fight for something they will never experience?

There is an organization called Emily’s List which is looking to lead the charge and change it up when it comes to the balance of power in the white house. We’re talking men and women, together, working toward a better America. Their mission is dedicated to electing pro-choice Democratic women to office. They started an important campaign called “Madame President” in which they have started a conversation about having a the nation’s first female president. They want this to actually happen and are taking important steps toward getting people thinking how this can happen.

“The 2012 election was a mandate for women’s leadership. The country is ready for a woman president. And Madame President is ready to harness that energy to put the first woman in the White House. It’s our time. And we’re ready” they say on their website.

Hilary Clinton, emily's list

“Women have made enormous strides in recent decades. But there’s one glass ceiling left to shatter: sending a woman to the White House. EMILY‚Äôs List invites you to join us in electing the first Madame President.”

Emily’s list wants everyone to get involved and share their ideas. They have kicked off the campaign with this heart-stirring video (below) and are asking their 2 million members to share their ideas by posting their own videos. While voters believe that it is harder for a woman to be elected president than it is for a man, 75% also believe that a woman president would be a good thing for this country.

Voters reject the idea that a female president would be weaker than a male, or more likely to cave to party leaders. A woman candidate has the potential to bring more voters into the political process. Nearly half (49%)of voters say that if a woman ran for president in 2016 they would be more likely to pay attention.

Emily’s List aims to show the women of America that there are others like Hilary Clinton who are capable of running the country, as a lot of these names we don’t necessarily hear about through mainstream media. After all, you can’t vote for who you don’t know about right? So they want to change that. The group suggests a long list of possible candidates including Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano, former Washington Gov. Christine Gregoire (D), and Sens. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) and Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.).

Ladies, if you have a problem with the way your country is run, if you are passionate about an issue and think nothing is being done about it, if you are sick of complaining and not having your voice heard, then head over to Emily’s List and get involved. We have no excuse anymore! If we want something done, we need to be bold brave and step out. For all the women pioneers that have paved the way for us, we have a duty to carry on their legacy and ensure we are represented in the best light possible in the white house. Whether you are a democrat or a republican, we urge you to act!


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