Is ChatGPT Replacing Creativity? Or Can It Actually Help You?

By Peggy Dean

I’ll be honest – I was initially hesitant about incorporating AI (aka Artificial Intelligence) into my creative workflow. I had concerns about the impact it might have on my creativity and whether it would replace human intuition and expertise. However, after exploring the emerging AI landscape and experimenting with various AI-powered tools, I’ve come to see the potential for these technologies to enhance and augment the creative process, rather than replace it. When I figured out that sweet spot, I knew I needed to share my insights on how emerging creatives can incorporate AI into their workflows too.

As an artist, I’ve always been fascinated by the endless possibilities of new technologies that can help streamline my creative workflows and bring new levels of efficiency to my work. As a human, I’m wildly curious, even moreso when something is taboo, and AI mixed with creativity can certainly be considered taboo. So when I discovered ChatGPT, an AI-powered language model, I was intrigued to see how it could enhance my creative process.

Spoiler alert: I was pleasantly surprised to come out in favor of AI language models.

Here’s my takeaway in a nutshell:

I believe that AI has supercharged my creative process when it comes to generating high-quality text responses, particularly in the aspects of work I strongly dislike, or am just plain bad at, like email marketing, social media, and even ideation. There are far too many opportunities to dive into everything at a glance so I’ll highlight 3 of my favorite applications of AI in the creative space, but for a deeper dive, I formatted all the best guidelines and a massive template vault in my bite-sized Skillshare class: **ChatGPT for Creatives: AI-Powered SEO, Marketing, & Productivity.

Here are some ways that I’ve used ChatGPT to enhance my creative process:

Optimizing Email Campaigns

I have a lot of ideas, but I’m not always the best at communicating them. I’ve been utilizing ChatGPT to help me write high-quality email subject lines and rework the body copy to better resonate with my audience and drive engagement. All I have to do is input a prompt, and ChatGPT generates a response that I can tweak and refine to fit my brand voice.

This has saved me hours of time that I would have spent writing and editing because I only need to get my hands dirty in the results.

Generating Social Media Content

Social media is a critical component of any artist’s marketing strategy, but it can be a time-consuming task. Since shifting to my AI friend to help me generate social media posts, I’ve been able to better engage where it counts. For example, if I wanted to promote an upcoming art exhibit, I could input a prompt with specific details of the exhibit and ChatGPT would generate a response that I could use as the basis for my post.

Generating Ideas

As an artist, generating new ideas is essential to my creative process. But sometimes, OK oftentimes, I get stuck and need a little inspiration. I’ve used ChatGPT to generate new ideas for art projects, titles for my artwork, and even inspiration for my next blog post. Before you say that takes away our own creativity, stay with me. This is going somewhere.

For example, I might need to generate quality headlines and titles for blog posts. Not only has AI saved me a ton of time, but the bonus is that because it’s providing me with options, I am constantly sparking new ideas based off of the results. This is essentially taking the creativity I’ve already provided and helping me iterate more quickly and bring my ideas to life faster. I’d call that a win.

Fine-Tuning My Writing

As an artist who values quality, I take great pride in crafting my written works, but sometimes, even the most skilled writers require a second pair of eyes to help them fine-tune their creations. I believe that seeking assistance is not a sign of weakness, but rather, a demonstration of my commitment to producing the best possible work. In fact, I find that the collaborative process of revising and refining my writing only strengthens my artistic vision and ultimately leads to a more powerful finished product.

The Power Prompt

When it comes to the input I provide in order to get results from ChatGPT, I focus on what I call the Power Prompt, which is a specific formula I’ve put together that fine-tunes results, allowing you to achieve your desired results seamlessly. With the right formula, you can use AI to generate high quality content for:

  • social media content
  • blogs
  • titles & headlines
  • search engine optimization
  • product descriptions
  • lead magnets
  • email campaigns & funnels
  • content creation
  • …and so much more

I’d love to help you more with this so I’m gifting you my AI Playbook + template pack right here!

Welcome to a new world of sparking new ideas, effortlessly saving time, and unlocking (not restricting) creative possibilities.

I have to loop back to this important reminder: AI should not replace our human touch! While AI can now write music, scripts, blogs, courses, you name it… it still lacks the emotional depth and complexity that comes with being human. Furthermore, AI can only produce what has been programmed into it, whereas human creativity is limitless and constantly evolving. So while AI can augment and enhance our creative processes, it cannot replace them entirely.

With all of this in mind, I’ve seen firsthand that AI has the potential to be a game-changer, but it’s important to approach it with a critical and thoughtful mindset. By leveraging AI-powered tools in your email marketing, SEO, and creative workflows, you can save time, drive better results, and unlock new creative possibilities that have been impossible… until now.

Peggy Dean is an internationally published artist, best-selling author, and award-winning educator based in Portland, Oregon. She has taught over 400k students to embrace creativity, imperfections, and authenticity. Peggy is also a proud LGBTQ+ and woman-owned small business that donates a portion of proceeds to nonprofits working to protect wildlife and animal welfare. Take a look at her work on her website, and follow Peggy on Instagram.

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