Jane Fonda Says Mistakes, Not Celebrities, Are What We Should Learn From


In the new issue of Flaunt Magazine, out now, legendary Actress Jane Fonda whose career has defied the usual Hollywood mantra of only employing young women in leading roles, tells it like it is.

Fonda discusses feminism, aging, learning from mistakes, and her relationship. We loved her advice to all readers, which applies no matter what age you are or background you are from.

“I love mistakes because it’s the only way you learn. You don’t learn from successes; you don’t learn from awards; you don’t learn from celebrity; you only learn from wounds and scars and mistakes and failures. And that’s the truth.”

Instead of shunning the bad, we can all use the low points in our lives to grow and become better people. Let’s not focus so much on looking at celebrities, reality TV and bitchy gossip columns as our guiding source in life.

Thank you Ms Fonda for being beautiful, bold and timely in your advice to us all!

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  1. That is girl power!

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