Janelle Monae Becomes Anti-Bullying Hero In New Music Video


In honor of the World Cup being held in Brazil this summer, Pepsi are releasing a compilation album called ‘Beats of the Beautiful Game’ featuring a list of stellar musicians who are celebrating the “sounds of football”.

The CD features Kelly Rowland, Rita Ora, Santigold and more. The first track to be released from this funky fresh album is David Bowie’s classic ‘Heroes’ sung by our favorite Covergirl Janelle Monae.

The music video accompanying the track, which was shot by Young Astronauts from Toronto and is more of a short film than a regular music video. Janelle has taken the theme ‘heroes’ in the best possible way, and turned the video into a narrative about bullying in schools.


It showcases a group of kids who are dealing with bullies, but get strength and solace from a comic book called ‘JANELLE!’ which teaches outcasts to unite and avenge in ways that are not violent, but clever.

In an interview with RollingStone Magazine Janelle says she was excited to cover this track, because she is a huge fan of David Bowie, and has since learned that both him and his supermodel wife Iman are fans of hers!

She chose the song as part of her contribution to the album because of its inspiring message as much as its enticing musicality.

“It’s very hopeful,” says the singer. “The way the world is today, you can never write enough inspiring or motivating songs or songs that embolden the people and make us feel fearless. Those lyrics spoke to me as someone who is for the people. I try to inspire and lead by example and be the change that I want to see. So this song is a poster child for just that.”


Kelly Rowland will be releasing a track called ‘The Game’ whose music video was shot by Spike Lee. She said being part of this collaboration was important to her to show audiences that they can overcome anything.

“I was immediately attracted to ‘The Game’ because I can identify with its theme of overcoming challenges and finding your voice. It’s a very important message and I’m honored to partner with Pepsi on a project that brings the worlds of music, sports and film together,” she said in a statement.

Pepsi has partnered with Cine Favela, a cultural non-profit organization providing film education and tools to aspiring new young directors throughout Brazil. Cine Favela is the first movie theater founded in a favela community, and its mission is to promote cultural inclusion through theater and film to underserved youth throughout Brazil.

Check out the awesome ‘Heroes’ music video below, which ends with the awesome saying “Being your own hero means being yourself.”


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