Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck Are Raising Their Daughters To Be Feminists. Here’s Why…


Bennifer are our new fave Hollywood couple! But seriously you guys, shouldn’t everyone raise their children to be feminists? Ya know, teach them that men and women deserve equal treatment in political, economic and social life? That way if they do, kids will grow up to be as well-adjusted as someone like Joseph Gordon-Levitt who has spoken before how his mom raised him and his brother to know about gender equality and taught them to think critically about stereotyping from a young age.

At a recent Hollywood gala event, Jennifer Garner spoke about how her and hubby Ben Affleck are raising their two daughters Violet and Seraphina to be feminists. J-Gar (yep we totally made up that nickname) hasn’t been afraid to speak up about things that are blatantly wrong about the film industry, so it only makes sense she would be unafraid of talking about the “F” word in a public setting, at a time when the notion of feminism is such a polarizing word.

The Second Annual Save the Children Illumination Gala was the evening where Jennifer was hosting and Ben was honored for his work with the Eastern Congo Initiative. The couple spoke to Cosmopolitan about how they are raising their daughters and why gender roles are something important to talk about with kids from a young age.

“It’s not a thing that you teach your kid, it’s just the way you live,” said Jennifer. “And, you know, I think my kids would love in theory for me to not work, not go to anything, be home every day. And you can do that and be a feminist — I don’t think that you need to go to work and be a power-woman to be a feminist. But I want my kids to know that if working is important to me, and if working for Save the Children is important to me, then that’s totally valid, and as much as I totally love them, I’m a whole person too.”

Ben also gave his thoughts on why it is vital their two daughters grow up hearing these powerful messages from the two people responsible for impacting them in a positive way.

“Well, [they’re] a little young for a sort of Gloria Steinem doctoral thesis, but without getting into exactly what it means politically to be a feminist, our daughters understand what my wife understands full well, which is it’s important to be strong, present, and powerful, and accept nothing less than a man would — in fact, ask for more. And, you know, that’s part of what I admire so much about my wife, and I know that through her example, my children will absorb that.”


In an interview on the red carpet before the event, Jennifer went in depth about her aspirations for her daughters and what kind of possibilities she wants them to grow up knowing about.

“I want my girls to love math. I want them to think that being a scientist is the coolest possible job on the planet. I want them to not be afraid to lean toward their femininity; to love carrying a baby doll around; to know how to bake. And to be able to kick a guy’s ass — that’s why they’ve been in karate since they were little!”

Having two parents as on-screen superheroes (Ben is playing Batman in the upcoming ‘Batman v Superman’ and Jennifer Garner kicked ass as Sidney Bristow in ‘Alias’ on TV and also played the superhero Electra in the movie of the same name on the big screen) certainly helps to show both their daughters, as well as their son Samuel, what complex, strong, capable men and women look like in the movies as well as in real life.

It’s not enough just to talk about it, it has to be lived as well, just like Jennifer says. In 2013 at the same gala, the couple brought their daughters to the same event where Hillary Clinton was speaking, which Ben says was a big deal for him as a dad of two girls.

“I am excited about Hillary Clinton, among other reasons, because having two little girls, I recognize — and I wouldn’t have known this before, I really probably would have been more cavalier about it — having two little girls, I recognize how powerful it would be for them to see a woman be the president of the United States,” he said.

We live in a day and age where feminism has become a dirty word for all the wrong reasons, and to see a couple like Ben and Jen stand up for what feminism is really about makes us realize there is hope for the next generation. The fact that they want to point their daughters in the direction of positive role models and representations of gender equality shows how simple it is.

Now that feminism has been given an elevated platform (thanks to the haters as well as the celebrity endorsers) it is up to the rest of us do carry on the rest of the work and show the younger generation that living in a world where men and women are on equal footing is a possibility. You don’t even need to know about Gloria Steinem, because there are plenty of modern day representatives championing the cause of feminism, showing you don’t need to be afraid of the damn word!

Emma Watson, the aforementioned Joseph Gordon Levitt, Pharrell Williams, Daniel Radcliffe, Kristen Stewart, Beyonce, and Jennifer Lawrence just to name a handful.

Here’s to more parents raising their kids as feminists, because hey, equality rules and so do you if you teach it!




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