Jennifer Lawrence’s Advice To Young Girls Being Judged On Appearance

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence is not only the ‘It’ girl in Hollywood at the moment, but she is one of the best role models that have come out of tinseltown in a long while because of what she says and does outside business hours. She has been known to speak openly about her thoughts on dieting (she will happily tell someone to f#%! off if they ever told her to diet) and that she loves food too much and thinks its ridiculous that by industry standards she’d be considered “obese”.

Who is taking responsibility for the messages that young girls are hearing and reading every day? Thank goodness people like this actress care and will use any opportunity to say what they really think.

On November 7th she sat down for a Q&A session with Yahoo!’s Marissa Mayer to promote the second installment of the Hunger Games movie Catching Fire which hits theaters this month. A man stood up in the audience and asked a question on behalf of his young daughter, asking what advice she would give to young girls who feel judged by their appearance.

Her response is intelligent and well-thought out, citing pop culture examples that teach girls to judge each other and value each other based on appearances, which is a damaging message. Toward the end of her response she talks about how the world is the way it is because people aren’t willing to change it. She says we need to stop just following the crowd and make conscious decisions about how we as women treat each other.

Watch the short video and share this with every young girl who needs to hear it! Thank you J-Law for speaking positive and affirming messages into the lives of so many young women who are struggling with insecurities eating disorders, peer pressure etc. We hope many more women in Hollywood will be a champion for the next generation of girls like you are!


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