Jennifer Lopez’s New Music Video A Commentary On Sexism In The Industry


Jenny from the block don’t take no sh#@ from anyone, and her latest music video shows us all why! The latina superstar and current American Idol judge has just released the music video for her track ‘I Luh Ya Papi’ from her 10th album. Yep, this diva been workin’ in non-stop. The cool thing about J-Lo is that she isn’t afraid to speak her mind, and often uses her music videos as a way to get a message across.

Remember ‘My Love Don’t Cost A Thing‘ from 2000 where she not-so-subtly made reference to the fact that she hated being ex-boyfriend P Diddy’s trophy girl? Or how about ‘Do It Well‘ from 2007 which featured Jennifer putting the beat down on a series of sleazy guys in an underground club and rescuing a young child from slavery-like conditions.

Well mami is back with another even more timely social commentary about sexism and objectification toward women in the music industry. It’s almost a running joke that every rapper has to feature near-naked women in their music videos, so in this video (below) we see the tables being turned and Jennifer talking to a fictional record label executive about how it would be great if, for once, the women had the power.

Don’t worry, amidst the seriousness of this message, we still get to see Jennifer’s fierce dance moves and plenty of awesome outfit changes. The video starts out with her record label rep presenting her and her two back-up dancers with ridiculous ideas for video treatments.

“If she was a guy we wouldn’t be having this conversation at all,” says one of the dancers abruptly.

“No seriously if she was a dude they would have her up in a mansion with all these half-naked girls,” says the other.

“Why do men always objectify the women in every single video, why can’t we, for once, objectify the men?” asks the first dancer to the label rep.

The song then starts and we see Jennifer in a series of situations doing her thang, while plenty of half-naked men are strewn around the place. The back-up dancers playfully slap their butt and pour water and champagne all over their bodies, in a parody of the role-reversals we see in many other videos as mentioned.

It may seem a bit too much, but ask yourselves this, why does it seem normal when the roles are reversed?

Love her or hate her, we think it is about time the biggest female names in pop music started asking the hard questions and changing the status quo for women. Lily Allen’s ‘Hard Out Here’ music video is another great example of how absurdly women are portrayed in music videos. Let’s hope Jennifer Lopez’s offering will influence more artists from the upper echelon where she sits, to create something thought-provoking while still being fun and entertaining.

I Luh Ya Jenny…


  1. LOVE IT!!! lol ….this is great! so much better! 😉

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