Jessica Alba On Careers: “Be The Best, Be The Coolest!”

Jessica Alba

You guys, hold onto your hats, because it turns out actress, mom, and mega hottie Jessica Alba used to be really self-conscious about her body. WHAT!?!? Sounds crazy right?

In an interview with she talks about how her lifestyle changed drastically after having kids, and how that was the influence for starting The Honest Company, a website dedicated to promoting products & sharing the best information about raising a healthy, happy family.

She opens up about how her own body image has changed over the years, in a positive way.

“I was a lot more critical of my body when it was probably pretty awesome. It’s like, why did I not ever wear jean shorts? That’s so crazy. I was so skinny! I was more willing to wear short skirts after I had my kids. I never wore them before. Ever. I was so self-conscious.”

“Now I’m a lot more confident in my skin—because who cares? At the end of the day, it’s so much time spent on something that really doesn’t matter that much.”


As for starting her own online business, believe it or not there were a lot of naysayers telling her there was no way she would ever be successful, and that she should stick to her day job.

“There were certainly moments when it was scary. The day we launched, I was like, Is anyone even going to go to our website? It took me about three years of people telling me I was crazy and that there’s no way it could ever happen before I found the partners who could balance my weaknesses.”

And don’t worry, since she has had to power through negativity when it comes to her work or body image, she is more than willing to share her advice with other young women. Could she be any more awesome!?

“Be the best. Be the coolest. And deliver on something that’s different from anyone else’s. What need isn’t being fulfilled? Because if you’re not doing anything innovative or cool, someone is going to come in and slam you. You’re going to get copycats, but if you’re that dope, then no one can really copy you.”

Yes. Amen. We couldn’t agree more. Just be you, and be the best version of you possible! Whether you are working on your insecurities relating to body image, or trying to create a business opportunity for yourself, the same advice applies.

How fantastic to have a modern day mom like Jessica Alba be a role model for many young women and show was true authenticity looks like. Being genuine in a world that is dominated by fake-ness is so refreshing to see. Keep it up Jessica!

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