Joan Jett & Lena Dunham Tell Us Why The Female Vote Is Vital!


The early women’s rights movement was started because women wanted the right to vote and to have their say in how a country was ruled. We are so thankful we live in a country like the US where women have that freedom. But with the choice to vote, there is also the choice not to vote, and many exercise their right in doing so.

The thing is, it is more crucial than ever women use their voting power in the US, and around the world wherever they can. There is no time for apathy because despite what we often get told by cynics and some biased media, our vote counts for a lot.

The Mid term election is held in the US on November 4th, and there is no better time to rock your lady vote and have your voice heard.

Legendary rocker Joan Jett has lent her voice, and badass track ‘Bad Reputation’ for a PSA telling women why voting is not just their right, but their duty.

“In 2013, there were more laws passed to limit women’s reproductive rights than in the entire previous DECADE. Many of us may have access to good health care, but our experience being a woman – and our rights – shouldn’t depend on our zip code. Our sisters in Texas, Wisconsin, North Dakota, Ohio, Arkansas, and so many other states don’t have what we have. The most regressive, anti­-woman, anti­-voting, anti-equality laws are being passed on the state level. This is why the MIDTERMS are so important,” says the description below the Youtube video, made for an advocacy group called Lady Parts Justice.


Lady Parts Justice are a messaging hub dedicated to shining a light on the issues relating to women in politics, specifically reproductive rights. They use “comedy, culture and digital media to get people off their asses and reclaim their rights.”

‘Nuff said!

In 2013 alone 624 plus bills were proposed regulating Women’s Bodies. (ZERO Bills have EVER been proposed regulating Men’s Bodies if you are keeping count),” says their Facebook page. “In the 2012 Presidential Election 10 Million more women voted than men. We came out in droves because a war on women had been waged by the GOP. A war that saw the greatest backlash against Women’s Rights in recent history.”

They want to ensure every woman is educated about what actually goes on behind closed doors with politicians. Why so many men think a woman’s body is fair game based on a political agenda is beyond us. What we need is better healthcare, better retirement, better education, better sick and maternity pay, better tax breaks, a fair housing market and much, much more. With new improvements made with Obamacare, we’re one step closer to better healthcare. Not just for women, but society as a whole.

We all know how heated discussions about abortion and birth control are, but on earth would anyone think that one blanket law applies for every female body? Doesn’t every female have the right to make decisions for herself without being hindered by a political or even a religious agenda?

If someone wants to refuse birth control on the grounds of personal faith, we respect that fully. Just don’t go around forcing others to believe the same. Hobby Lobby, we’re looking at you! This is why the Lady Parts Justice PSA about a woman’s duty to vote is so crucial.


Joan Jett and a whole slew of female (and a handful of male) celebs recorded themselves singing along to Joan’s ‘Bad Reputation’ interspersed with facts about mid terms. Here are some of them:

• 29 States in America allow a rapist to sue a women for custody and/or visitation of the child birthed from that rape.
• 87% of all US Counties have no abortion provider.
• 35%of American women will have an abortion by the age o f45.
• In 35% states, Medicaid recipients do not have abortion coverage.
• In 13 states a pharmacist can legally refuse to disperse birth control, even if you have a prescription.
• 26 states have waiting periods for abortion; only 11 have waiting periods for guns.
• in 17 State the government forces women to go to counseling before she can have an abortion.
• In 32 State terminally ill women are forced to carry a pregnancy to term, regardless of her wishes or her living will.
• More than 50 abortion clinics were shut down by unnecessary laws from 2010­-2013. Not including the dozens that were shut in Texas in the last month.

Some of the celebs in the video include Sia, Alexa Chung, Tavi Gevinson, Jemima Kirke, Natasha Lyonne, and many more. It’s kinda fitting they use Joan’s ‘Bad Reputation’ to sing along to, because frankly the issue of women’s reproductive rights and the senate republicans who have blocked the Paycheck Fairness Act being brought into law 3 times show what a bad reputation politics has in this country at times.

And it’s not just the mid-terms that women need to vote on. The 2016 Presidential Election is creeping up and we need to make our voices heard now and show the leaders of this country that we will no longer sit by while other people make decisions about our bodies and our lives.

The other major celeb urging women to vote is famous feminist Lena Dunham who has been touring around the states promoting her book ‘Not That Kind Of Girl’. One of the coolest things about this tour that makes it different from other self-indulgent book tours, is that Lena has teamed up with Planned Parenthood and Glamour magazine to encourage young women to register and vote because it is the only way to reverse “sexist health policies” from creeping into our society.

“With the recent Supreme Court decision in the Hobby Lobby case, it’s critical that we all do everything we can to ensure that women have access to the full range of reproductive and sexual health care without their bosses or politicians or judges getting in the way,” Dunham said in a press release about the partnership.

Lena also recruited a bunch of her celeb friends including Rashida Jones, Amy Poehler, Janet Mock, Amy Schumer, Sarah Silverman and more to shout about their support and share images of themselves on Instagram.


Check out her video below and see what some of her fans had to say about why they are voting. Issues about healthcare and reproductive rights are women’s rights, and they are human rights, as Hillary Clinton famously said in her 1995 speech in Beijing. Unfortunately we don’t live in a fair and equal society so the only way to change that is to vote, and to elect leaders who care about women’s issues.

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