John Depp’s New GF Amber Heard “I Will Never Fake Anything For Anyone”

Amber Heard

The girl who starred alongside Johnny Depp in ‘The Rum Diary‘ who is also rumored to be his new girlfriend has been the talk of the town, after being spotted with him around the world holding hands at The Lone Ranger premieres, setting tabloid tongues wagging. But we’re not here to gossip about that, because frankly its none of our business and we are in the business of promoting positive content for our readers!

Heard spoke with online fashion bible Net-A-Porter’s magazine ‘The Edit’ to clear a few things up about herself. The Texan native left home at the age of 16 to pursue a career in acting, and told Malibu Magazine in July she doesn’t like to call herself a “celebrity” but an actress.

After appearing in films like Zombieland, Drive Angry, and TV show The Playboy Club, she finally caught everyone’s attention playing the lead role opposite Depp in The Rum Diary. She will next be seen in Paranoia with Harrison Ford, and Machete Kills with Jessica Alba and Lady Gaga.

So why is Amber different and why do we like her? Because she doesn’t play the “fame” game and takes her career seriously. What she does in her private life outside work hours is just that; private.

While leaving home as a teen on a rebellious streak may seem extreme, it forced her to grow up fairly quickly. Surprisingly, she didn’t land in tinseltown and start partying her ass off. Instead, she knuckled down, and worked. Amber is a huge fan of books, and famously does not use twitter or facebook.

“Knowledge is my religion,” she says of the books, which she collects at flea markets. “That need for stimuli is a constant in my life.” There has always been “an impetus for me to want more, to be curious, to ask more, to search for more.”

The more well-known she became, the press jumped all over her when she was unafraid to be seen in public dating a woman. But the way she talks about it, it’s not a “thing” for her and she refuses to allow it to be.

“I will never beg for an easy classification or label for that moment in my life, or assume to know what the future holds for me. I have always been and always will be just who I am and I will never fake anything for anyone.”

“I am not ever going to be a person who has a desire to expose myself more than I feel.” she continued.

She expressed the same sentiments to Malibu Magazine back in July, saying “I feel like my life is exposed enough and I believe in having a private life. With paparazzi- I just don’t deal with it. It surprises me that anyone would want that sort of attention!”

It’s about that perfect work-life balance that is on a whole other level when it comes to being a celebrity, as there is less “down time” than you may think. Amber goes on to say that aside from keeping her life private and working hard in her career, she does not feel she should hide away from who she is just because of what the press might say about her or label her.

“I also feel I have a responsibility to not appear to be in hiding. I watched people around me succumb to hiding and hiding denotes shame. I feel, and felt, zero shame. We all love who we love; we don’t choose it.” she explains about the issue of her sexuality.

“If I didn’t want to be scrutinized, I would have just stayed in Texas,” Heard says of the hoopla. “It’s way easier to do what people expect of you.”

Amber told Malibu Magazine the same kinda deal: “It’s impossible for me to judge myself in terms of what I am…I wouldn’t want to be someone who’s in this business as a commodity. I just like telling stories.”

But she doesn’t and she definitely won’t apologize for who she is. Having a career spanning 11 years and counting, it looks like she is doing something right, and a huge part of that we think, is about Amber heard defining herself, not anyone else.

If we let others dictate who we should be, how we should act and what we should look like, we create a breeding ground for insecurity, anxiety and un-productivity. What’s the point of always trying to meet everyone else’s expectations? Sure our journey may look like rebellion, stupidity and a huge mistake to others, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you should stop. Richard Branson didn’t think twice about dropping out of school to pursue his business dreams, but imagine if he did?

As for Ms. Heard, we don’t give a rats who she is dating or what she is wearing. We just like that she is forging ahead in her career and staying true to herself.

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