Join Our Founder Asha Dahya As She Shares Her Story In Lindsay Marten Ellis’ FREE Virtual Speaker Series

2020 has certainly been a difficult, transformational, and uncertain year for all of us. And it’s not even over yet! If you were someone who had grand plans for your life this year and had to completely pivot or adapt to the Pandemic and almost everything going virtual, you are not alone.

For many women who juggle work, kids, passion projects, and daily schedules, finding time for yourself can be hard, and completely non-existent some days. One woman who understands the idea of navigating a complete life change is Lindsay Marten Ellis – a former engineer who was working her way up the corporate ladder before a major health issue forced her to pivot in order to stay healthy and live her fullest life.

Just 4 years ago, Lindsay was working as an environmental engineer in a mostly male-dominated industry that was very demanding. From outward appearances she was the picture of success, but behind closed doors she knew something was wrong with her health. Low energy, constant exhaustion, stress from work, acne, hormone imbalance, and painful periods combined led her to seek medical help.

After seeing multiple doctors, she couldn’t find answers. Lindsay consulted with a Doctor of Oriental Medicine on the recommendation of a friend, and this doctor was also an acupuncturist who empowered her to listen to her body more. She ended up learning she had poly-cystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and was living with this issue, undiagnosed, for 10 years! That was a turning point for Lindsay, and she decided to quit her corporate career and start all over again, cultivating a life that honored her body and her health.

Today she has been symptom free for almost 4 years after making drastic daily changes to her health, and created a platform called Living Well By Lindsay where she shares her health and beauty secrets with an online community of women.

If Lindsay’s story sounds familiar to you or helps you feel less alone in the struggles you are facing today, then you will want to check out her new virtual speaker series called “Inner and Outer Beauty Secrets Revealed”. It launches TODAY, September 14, and all you need to do is sign up via this link, and interviews with 18 badass women and experts will be delivered right to your inbox to help you power through the rest of 2020.

And speaking of the 18 women, included in the group is our founder Asha Dahya, who shares her own journey of moving to a new country, starting a career in Hollywood, going through a divorce, getting re-married and having 2 kids, and releasing her new book ‘Today’s Wonder Women: Everyday Superheroes Who Are Changing The World’. Asha’s inner beauty secret is about sharing your authentic self with the world, and not being afraid to share your story.

Among the other topics being shared are liver cleansing, credibility, and confidence, spiritual leadership, self care, social media detoxing, mindset, nourishment through food and products, and healthy habits and routines.

You can check out some of the diverse faces below, and be sure to sign up today to start receiving the wisdom from these experts, as well as Lindsay herself. If you are currently going through a struggle, a journey, and are looking for a community to connect with, this speaker series is for you!


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