Kacy Catanzaro Defies Critics, Makes History On American Ninja Warrior


Who says girls can’t compete with the boys? Well after the team behind ‘Mythbusters’ proved the “throw like a girl” insult is scientifically incorrect, as in, when you throw like a girl it actually means you are throwing extremely well and accurately, we started to re-think the way society uses female-based insults as a way to shame men.

Tampon brand Always also decided to break down misconceptions of the whole “like a girl” concept and proved that the way women do things should in no way be seen as anything less than powerful, unique, and awesome.

But if you needed any more proof that these two stories mean what they say, check. this. out.

If you are unfamiliar with the show ‘American Ninja Warrior’ it is a series of grueling obstacle courses where both men and women compete alongside each other, and it is a spin-off of a Japanese show ‘Sasuke’. The finalists go on to compete in the toughest challenge of them all, a replica of the Mt. Midoriyama course built in Las Vegas.

Competitors include BMX riders, athletes, gymnasts and the like, which gives you an idea this show is not for the faint-hearted.

One woman who has completely blown away judges and audiences alike is Kacy Catanzaro who is a former NCAA division 1 gymnast, weighs a mere 100 pounds and stands at only 5 feet tall.

She totally smashed the course in the video below, and becomes the first woman in history to qualify for Mt. Midoriyama. While that is a huge feat in itself, whether you are interested in the show or have never even heard of it, what’s even more telling is the intense amount of nay-saying that is going on in the commentary during her run.

The commentators couldn’t stop talking about how her height and weight are such a disadvantage for her, and continually express their shock and surprise at each portion.

Our fave bit was after making an unlikely leap near the end, the hosts explain “she is not even human!” Of course that should be taken as a compliment, but let’s break a down a little. Saying something like that shows they don’t equate female physical success at this level to be something normal. Why? Would it be different if she were a guy of the same size and weight?

Kacy’s video which has been going viral, is such a testament that there is no truth that women are weaker than men. Some of the leaps and grabs she makes during the 8 minute course leave some of the burly men in the audience jaw-dropped and shaking their head in sheer awe, because how can you dispute this display of pure awesome-ness!?

“I’ve seen greatness during my NFL career,” said ANW host and former NFL defensive end Akbar Gbaja-Biamila. “And I’ve been in awe of people, but I am really in awe of Kacy.”

“We are seeing one of the greatest competitors—man or woman—we have ever seen in America Ninja Warrior,” added his co-host Matt Iseman.

In an interview with Vulture after the video made the rounds of the interwebs, Kacy gave her thoughts on why no woman has been able to do what she’s done before.

“There obviously aren’t as many women that do the show. I think that has a lot to do with it — that women haven’t really been inclined to try out because they don’t think it’s for them. And also just the fact that no woman has done it, it makes it feel unreachable to some women. You know, like, oh, no woman’s ever done it so obviously I can’t do it. Instead of thinking, no woman’s ever done it, I want to be the one to do it, which is the attitude that I took.”

“I want to do these things to prove to myself…but I also wanted to make these big steps for everyone, for all the women out there and for everybody else that thinks that they can’t do something or that they have an excuse.” Talk about embodying the true spirit of a ninja warrior!

Her performance made such an impact that the hashtag #mightyKacy was trending worldwide on Twitter.

Once again, we see a young women defying the odds, proving that gender is no barrier to greatness, and neither is height or weight. Behold, the #mightyKacy below:




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