Why Karlie Kloss Takes Her Role Model Status Seriously


It’s not everyday that you read about a successful model, a young one at that, who wants to be a good influence on their female audience. There are far too many celebs in this world who couldn’t care less about their default role model status, but every now and then we hear about men and women who are willing to talk about using their platform to promote positivity.

And GTHQ is the website to bring you those messages!

Victoria’s Secret angel Karlie Kloss is a girl after our own heart. The amazonian beauty from Missouri may have an enviable career, but don’t count on her going off the rails anytime soon. The 21 year old is BFFs with singer Taylor Swift, and prefers to put her energy and spare time into something that will benefit others.

In an interview with Into the Gloss, she talks about her height being a great source of insecurity growing up. She was always the tallest, skinniest girl in her class and sticking out like a sore thumb was not exactly a recipe for popularity. Eventually as she started working as a model in her late teens, she embraced her body the way it was and learned the power of doing that.

She could never find jeans that were long enough to fit her legs, so eventually through a chance meeting with a couple of designers, she helped create a line of jeans especially for tall skinny girls like herself who could never find pants to fit her height. She designed the range with Frame Denim.

Aside from wanting to use her connections to empower other girls who have the same body insecurities as she did growing up, Karlie says the fact that many different types of girls look up to her is not lost on her.

“I am aware that I am part of an image that other young girls see and I want to be proud of that, even though there is this double standard of being healthy and what that actually means in my industry,” she said.

She is conscious to promote healthy eating habits because the danger for someone of her size and petite stature, it’s easy for the media to accuse her of not eating or having an eating disorder. Skinny shaming is just as bad as fat shaming, people!

“I feel most beautiful when I feel strong. My body is strong. To me, beauty is so much more about how you feel than products, and that comes down to what you’re putting in your body and how you take care of yourself. And I’ve learned that more about health and nutrition than I did when I was starting out.”

“I feel healthiest and most beautiful when I take care of myself in everything from what’s on my top shelf in my bathroom to eating well and doing exercise.”

She says in the interview that she doesn’t consider modeling “a career” but enjoys what she does. And hey if it gives her an opportunity to talk about balanced health, inspire girls, and promote positive body image messages, it can’t all be that bad!

Aside from maintaining her physical appearance for her work, she says learning is a must for her. The supermodel was inspired by former Victoria’s Secret model Tyra Banks and has enrolled in Harvard Business school.

“I love learning. I really love being in an educational environment. It’s just for myself, not for anybody else. Just to be a well-rounded, educated person, and stay challenged, because I need that. I don’t want to quit what I’m doing. I love being able to have a career and have these incredible experiences at a young age, but I also need that intellectual stimulation to keep me motivated and challenged and inspired.”

We’re encouraged to hear positive messages from a strong successful woman like Karlie, who is still young herself! Everyone struggles with insecurities, but we also all have the potential to turn it into an asset.




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