Kate Bosworth: Be Proud Of Your Unique Features

Kate Bosworth

Kate Bosworth has certainly come a long way from being one half of a celeb couple with Orlando Bloom and starring in the surfer chick movie Blue Crush. She is the type of celebrity who isn’t exactly all over TMZ but is well known enough to continue gracing covers of notable fashion magazines such as Harpers Bazaar and have the public still be interested in her private life.

For the record she recently married Michael Polish and just turned 30. This week Lucky Magazine held it’s Fashion and Beauty Blogger conference (FABB) and Kate Bosworth moderated a panel on day one talking about her marriage, her style, and the launch of her second collection with Topshop.

But it was some other cool stuff the Superman star said which caught our eye, thanks in part to the questions from people in the audience at the end.

After all the talk about her Oscar De La Renta-designed wedding gown, and how much she loves her new hubby, she was asked about her different colored eyes. She has one blue and one hazel eye, and someone wanted to know how to take a unique feature and turn it into something you’re proud of.

First off, we’d like to just mention that having a unique feature shouldn’t ever NOT be something you’re proud of, but we understand given society’s penchant to make us want to fit in with everyone else, it can be hard to actually embrace being different.


Kate Bosworth obviously thinks the same as us because this was her response:

“That’s what should always be celebrated,” she said. “It’s the differences that really separate those people, and that’s the most beautiful thing that they have. It’s important to embrace who you are. There’s no one else in the world like you, so that’s important to realize.”

“Kate has a confidence and grace that makes clothes her own,” described net-a-porter magazine.

New York Magazine said although she isn’t the tallest, most famous, richest, or most original beauty in Hollywood (umm, she is pretty damn beautiful to us!) she has an allure about her. She is a normal girl “with just a little bit more” they say.

That little bit more is what makes all the difference. She is not chasing after some superficial goal, instead focusing on what she loves (fashion), using her celebrity status to be creative, and most of all use her platform to spread good messages.


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