Kate Upton: “I Don’t Compare Myself With Other Models” (And You Shouldn’t Either!)


Believe it or not, buxom blonde model Kate Upton didn’t always think she’d become a fashion superstar. She was told early in her career she was too curvy and that her chest was too big. Instead of listening to those negative voices, she persevered and now is one of the world’s most recognized names and most celebrated bodies.

While she has received lots of crap from the media for her cat daddy dance video shot by Terry Richardson, her continued ascendance, which included a Vogue magazine cover, has shown there is more to her than just a pretty face. The self-confessed Christian has spoken openly about not wanting to be merely a sex object, but be taken seriously in her career. We can respect that, especially since she is not using her fame to become the next cocaine-fueled club junkie or “it girl”, rather be a pioneer and advocate for curvy women in fashion.

She covers the latest issue of V Magazine, and spoke about what inspires her, and how to stand out from the crowd. For Kate, the secret is not living in fear of the competition. We all know that is a recipe for self-esteem disaster.

“I don’t compare myself with other models,’ the 21 year-old reveals. “For me, modeling is really about competing with yourself, becoming the best you can be.”

As for her response to people now calling her a fashion icon, she has this to say about it:

“I think an icon is someone who is inspiring and positive, with a strong sense of who they are and what they stand for,” says Kate Upton. “My icons are Kathy Ireland and Cameron Diaz.”

Speaking of Diaz, the two became acquainted in the upcoming movie The Other Woman which they are both stars in.

Kate is often called ‘the next Marylin Monroe’ because of her curves and unapologetic stance on her body image which is nowhere near a size zero. But she’s ok with that, judging by her success so far!

“I think Marilyn Monroe was a beautiful and sexy woman who portrayed herself in an irresistible and charming way,” says Upton. “Who wouldn’t be honored to be compared to her?”

If we had more Kate Uptons in the fashion industry, women who are unashamed of their own bodies and who can accurately represent all different type of female bodies, we might start to see an industry that is based on reality and diversity, rather than being so narrow-minded to only accommodate one “trend” at a time.




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