Katy Perry Becomes UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador


Never one to sit still or relax for even a moment in her career, Katy Perry has embarked upon a new project, but this one is a little different. She has been announced as the newest Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF following a trip to Madagascar with the organization earlier this year.

It was a trip that changed her life and perspective in many ways, and coupled with the birth of a baby in her family, she knew she could lend her star power to something positive and world-changing.

At the annual Snowflake Gala in New York City on Tuesday, December 3rd, 2o13, Katy performed her hit song ‘Unconditionally’ at the event and shared about her Madagascar trip and new ambassadorship.

“Let me tell you, I went to Madagascar on a mission with UNICEF, and boy, did it change my life. It definitely burst the bubble that I was living in. It reprioritized my way of thinking,” she said.

She talks about how her track ‘Unconditionally’ was inspired by the children she met in Madagascar, one of the poorest countries in the world, and used the opportunity to encourage the young kids in the audience to get involved in UNICEF’s programs.

“For any young kid who thinks that it would be a good idea, or you’re thinking about it, I would say do it,” she urged.


“I believe young people have the power to change their own lives, with our help,” said Katy.  “I am honored to join UNICEF as a Goodwill Ambassador, and committed to doing everything I can to help children and adolescents who come from such different backgrounds but want the same thing: a brighter future.”

Her involvement is being praised by UNICEF who recognize her influence over many young minds.

“Katy Perry is already a champion for children, and we look forward to hearing her ‘roar’ on behalf of UNICEF,” said UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake. “We are delighted that she is joining us as UNICEF’s newest Goodwill Ambassador and lending her remarkable voice to amplify the voices of children and young people around the world.”

In October, Katy joined in UNICEF’s celebration of the International Day of the Girl Child, lending her hit song “Roar” to the soundtrack of a new PSA to inspire girls and help them become tomorrow’s champions.

As a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador,  Katy will work to engage young people in speaking out about the issues they believe are most important in their own lives and enlisting them more directly in coming up with solutions to those challenges.  She will focus her outreach especially on children and adolescents who are most vulnerable, including those living in severe poverty, affected by violence, abuse, and neglect, and in emergency and conflict situations.

“We need to raise a generation that has a different way of thinking, that has empathy and compassion so that they can have that with their children,” says Katy about why her involvement with UNICEF is important.

Thank you Katy for recognizing that your celebrity is a wonderful opportunity to be used as currency for change amongst the younger generation.


  1. This woman has it all together! Just think of the things that could happen if other young men and women that are in the public eye were as smart as she is!! She is such an inspiration for all!

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