Keira Knightley Says Hollywood Will Change When More Women Are In Positions Of Power


It seems more and more female celebrities are coming out of the closet. The feminist closet, that is, and it is contributing hugely to the way the millennial generation of women think about feminism. It is about time we have some relevant, current and influential women who can lead the way for the rest of society as we fight for gender equality, our values as women, and the right to be heard.

We can list of the names of celebrities which reads like a whos who of the front row at New York Fashion Week, but its even better, it is more like the modern day symposium of celebrities who are encouraging young women to pursue their full potential in life, outside of the traditional marriage, babies and housework roles.

Lena Dunham, Beyonce, Mindy Kaling, Natalie Portman, Katy Perry, and Jennifer Lawrence are just a few of those names. And now we can add British beauty Keira Knightley to that pack.

In a recent interview with UK Harpers Bazaar, whose cover she adorns for the February 2014 issue, the Pirate of the Caribbean star talks about femininity and why it has changed since its inception.

“I think it’s great that the discussions are finally being allowed to be had [about feminism], as opposed to anybody mentioning feminism and everybody going, ‘Oh, f***ing shut up,’” says Keira.

“Somehow, it became a dirty word. I thought it was really weird for a long time, and I think it’s great that we’re coming out of that.”

Yes it is great! And thanks to more visibility of women in leadership roles in a variety of industries, we are starting to see that feminism is not only defined in multiple ways, as outlined by Natalie Portman, but it means contributing to gender equality, and we believe will be the very thing that encourages women to see how they can use it to create positive change.

Hollywood is one of those industries where women are stepping up into more powerful positions and laying the path for women in the future. But it is still an uphill battle, and we don’t have time to slack off.

“Hollywood has a really long way to go.  I don’t think that anybody can deny that, really, and I think as much as you are getting more women playing lead roles… they’re still pretty few and far between.”

Keira, having starred in many films where she is the only female in the cast (the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, and her upcoming Tom Clancy screen adaptation Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit for example) recognizes the need for more women, as it is still hard to break through and have your voice heard. Unfortunately it takes women like Keira, and actress Amber Heard, going through the motions of playing the pretty little damsel in distress time after time until they get to a powerful enough position where they can choose more empowered roles.

The key to change? Having more women take up jobs as writers, producers, directors and cinematographers. The really influential roles in Hollywood. Directing is something Keira has pondered as she recognizes the impact it can have on the way women are portrayed on-screen, and how female audiences are influenced by portrayals from a young age.

“As I get older I get more interested by it… There is a lot of ‘You do what you’re told’ [as an actor]. After watching it and being part of it for so long, you start going, ‘I wonder if there is a journey to the other side.’ I don’t know if there is, but I’m interested in seeing people who have done it.”

With feminism 2.0 on the rise, we should all be aware of the role we can play in our lives and communities. It is not a way to hate on men, and hate on women who choose to be stay-at-home mothers, but to support and encourage one another. Women need to be leading the way in being positive influences on each other, and not keep falling into the same mindset of being competitive generation after generation.

We truly are the generation that can change it all. We are so glad feminism has come to the forefront of mainstream media and social conscience once again, because equality isn’t something that could be a fun trend to try out for a while, it is a very necessary force that will propel women to reaching their full potential, and diminishing discrimination, violence and hatred on all fronts.





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