The Key To Ending Sex Trafficking Is…YOU! (No Joke)


Yep, you read that right. We, us, you, possess the power to have a crucial part in ending this horrible practice of sex trafficking. And before you start thinking it’s an epidemic that is happening in countries far, far away from where you live, WRONG! There are no eastern barriers to the sex slave trade. It happens all over America and Europe too, and we can’t be ignoring it any longer.

So often we talk about empowering the next generation, reaching gender equality etc etc. How are we going to do this if we ignore issues like this? We go on our crusades about how women deserve equal salaries to men, but all the while those disgusting pigs who are using young girls as human sex toys are having the last laugh. Well not anymore, and thank God for the good people in this world who are willing to dedicate their lives to saving our girls.

One of these women is Erin Giles. The 31 year old vigilante from South Carolina is an example of how anyone can make a difference, if they are willing. Just last year her life was in a downward spiral, and she was living off food stamps. Giles happened to watch a documentary called Nefarious, which is all about the sex trade and it stirred her immensely.

“My heart broke open to the reality of sex trafficking,” she says.

In October 2012 she started an organization called End Sex Trafficking Day (why hasn’t this been around until now??) and also compiled a book of essays from well known authors and personalities in relation to the sex trafficking industry. Reminder, this is a girl who was not rich, wasn’t successful by any worldly means, but had the will and courage to act.
On the website the very first thing you see is a quote by Martin Luther King Jr. which says “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” Powerful food for thought…She managed to raise $10,000 to have the book published and all funds from the sale went to an organization called Not For Sale. That got her thinking, if she could raise $10k on her own, imagine the amount of money she could raise with the help of the passionate public and the good it could do!Erin has launched an IndieGoGo campaign where she is looking to raise $25,000 to help five different anti-sex trafficking organizations, each with a different focus in key areas.The organization called Exodus Cry raises awareness. The Sold Project works toward prevention. Courtney’s House helps rescue people out of human trafficking. And both the New Friends New Life and Not For Sale organizations help former victims through their recovery journey.

End Sex trafficking Day
On their campaign page, it says ending sex trafficking is a key to freedom, and it is an important movement.”The people who have grown tired of hearing about the 27 million people enslaved in human trafficking have decided to join together to raise awareness and funds for the organizations who are doing something about it.”This is where our part comes into play. We can have a role in helping Erin and the five organizations, actively end the human sex trade forever!
You can donate to her cause, but even if you can’t afford that, the least you can do is share her story and make this cause known to your social network, friends, family & colleagues.But before you think it’s not something you can commit to financially, perhaps you could at the very least fore-go that $4.50 latte you splurge on every morning?”While many of us have the freedom to go to college, build a business on our laptop, or even plan our next vacation, men, women and children are being raped five to 10 times a night, including in our own hometowns,” she says in the IndieGoGo campaign video.”The good news is, there is hope. Although alone I can’t do much to stand up for the 27 million enslaved, together we can unite to make enormous impact.”

Will you choose to make a difference in the life of a young girl and give her the chance at a free life? Or will you ignore this post and go back to your life and all its creature comforts?

Thank you Erin for being a warrior woman on behalf of all the young girls crying out for freedom in the world. You have proven that no one, no matter what their financial situation, is beyond being able to help end this epidemic.


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