Lake Bell: Having A Vagina Shouldn’t Stop You From Being A Filmmaker


For every female director, there are 15.24 male ones, according to a study shown in IndieWire, but are there signs of this changing any time soon?

While there are some pretty dismal and depressing facts the more you look into statistics of women in powerful roles in Hollywood, the fact is women can only help each other by sticking together.

Indiewire say: Women support women. Films directed by women feature more women in all roles. There is a 21% increase in women working on a narrative film when there is a female director and a 24% of women working on documentaries.

So with this in mind we as women in the industry should be aware and make conscious decisions when hiring crew and staff.

Actress and novice director Lake Bell, soon to be seen in horror flick Black Rock, has a very optimistic way of looking at the situation, and thinks there will come a time we won’t be moaning about gender equality in Hollywood forever.

Bell, whose directorial debut In a World was well received by audiences and critics alike at the Sundance Film Festival early 2013, said she doesn’t really see a huge amount of female filmmakers, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that’s the case industry-wide. Although with only nine percent of the top 250 box office films of 2012 having been directed by women, it’s an easy assumption to make.

“I don’t find it hard to make a film because I am a woman. I think if you have a movie to make, make it. If you happen to have a vagina, that’s okay. Still make it.” she tells Buzzfeed.

Lake Bell

“I think I’m eager for the moment to arise when the story is less ‘What does it feel like to be a female director?’” she says. “I hope the story soon becomes ‘I either liked your movie or I didn’t, let’s talk about your movie.’ That’s the real goal. Because honestly I look around and I see wonderful role models that are ladies. People who are writers and directors, people who are actors and directors, writer actors. There are a myriad of them and I look around to all sides and I see support and feel support, so I guess I have a more optimistic outlook on them.”

So the moral of the story is to just go out and make a film, and stop being held back by your vagina ladies! The more we cultivate a culture and community of women supporting women in the industry and make it less about trying to beat the guys, we will see more unique beautiful stories, character, talent and creativity coming through.

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