Lea Michele Says Women Need To Encourage & Empower One Another


It seems to be a recurring theme with women in TV and film: they hate each other and want to tear each other apart. After all, it gets ratings and makes a show more exciting, right?! The trouble is, when this is at the forefront of what people think of women in TV, we have a problem.

This type of attitude is heavily perpetuated by certain female-driven reality TV shows which certainly aren’t about empowering each other or creating a community of support. It’s a shame, but there are women in Hollywood who don’t subscribe to that unhealthy trend and prefer to stand apart.

Glee’s Lea Michele is one of those awesome ladies, who would prefer to be a role model than a be known as a bitch.

She was interviewed by Huffpost Women as part of their ‘Making it Work’ series and divulged her secrets to success and why she is proud to be a woman.

“For me success is really about being happy and proud of myself and the work that I do. That to me is the greatest success,” says the over-achieving singer and actress.

Although she has experienced tremendous success since moving to Los Angeles from New Jersey 5 years ago, it came with a personal price, losing her on and off-screen boyfriend Cory Monteith to a drug overdose in July 2013. Yet she managed to stay grounded and continue on her path.


The girl who said she was once told she was “too ethnic” for television (we hope the person who said that likes the taste of eating crow) said one of the best pieces of advice she has learned to live by is to “be yourself” and not try to conform to what the world wants you to be.

“If I’ve learned anything over the past five or so years of moving to Los Angeles and getting [cast in “Glee”] is that being yourself is the most important thing. I always thought that I needed to fit into a mold and be a certain type of person in order to become successful or to make it in this world, but it was really just being me that introduced me to the people that have opened so many doors for my life and for my career. I don’t want to have friends that I can’t be myself around and I wouldn’t want to be at a job that I couldn’t be myself,” she said

Lea is a ‘Woman of Worth’ L’Oreal Ambassador and has a message for women who only see the bad examples in the media.

“I think it’s so important that women really focus on encouraging and empowering other women. That’s definitely something that people struggle with in [the entertainment] business and in this industry, and that the media especially likes to bring attention to in a negative way. It’s so important that we empower one another because it’s hard enough being a woman! We could use all the support that we can get from each other.”

It’s super cool that she is reiterating this message because we can never hear it enough, especially from a millennial women in Hollywood with so much influence over the impressionable younger generation.

While she didn’t talk about Cory or go into detail about her personal life, Lea said she is proud of who she is and alludes to the fact that everything she has been through has enabled her to be the strong woman and role model she is today.

“I feel proud to be a woman because I wouldn’t want to be anything else! The level of strength that a woman has inside of her is just unbelievable.”

Wouldn’t it be awesome if more women in Hollywood promoted empowerment and support of one another? How can you NOT be proud of being a woman when that is your mission! There’s more to life than being famous or popular. It’s more important to live by principles which build others up.

If it’s good enough for Lea Michele, then its good enough for us!





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