Lena Dunham Interviewed Hillary Clinton About Feminism & Women’s Rights, Here’s What She Said…


It’s the interview that has gotten a lot of people talking. Lena Dunham interviewed 2016 Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton for her new online media venture Lenny Letter. For those of you who aren’t familiar with what Lenny is, Lena created it with her ‘Girls’ co-showrunner Jenni Konner as a way to share important and entertaining information about women and feminism.

Some of the issues they plan to touch on include black lives matter, reproductive rights, and of course politics. It is especially important that Lena and her crew are talking about politics not just because we have an important election coming up in the United States (and there are national elections happening all over the world constantly), but more specifically because there are certain issues that are being used as a political punching bag (such as women’s reproductive rights) and we need to use our collective power by voting for the candidate that is best going to represent ours, and all Americans’ needs.

We believe that candidate is Hillary Clinton, and ever since she announced her candidacy in April, we have eagerly watched her campaign trail and the policies she plans to implement. In our eyes, her track record as a first lady, Senator an Secretary of State immeasurably gives evidence to her experience. Despite what certain other candidates and certain types of media outlets would like to focus on when it comes to her entire career (that she is allegedly a “liar” for using a personal email server and that she should be held accountable for the death of a US diplomat in Libya while over 66 people died at foreign US posts under George W.Bush but hey let’s gloss over that!), there is no denying she has spent the majority of her life advocating for equal rights, especially for women and girls.


Her famous call-to-action in 1995 the Beijing Conference on Women where she stated “Human rights are women’s rights, and women’s rights are human rights once and for all” is a resounding legacy throughout history for what she has stood for, and will continue to be. More recently she has used that same battle-cry to advocate for equal rights for the LGBTQ community.

In her interview with Lena Dunham, she discussed topics that frankly, we all want to know about. Sure we pretty much knew she was a feminist, but Hillary used this opportunity to tell the Lenny audience once and for all that she is “absolutely” a feminist.

“I’m always a little bit puzzled when any woman of whatever age, but particularly a young woman, says something like, ‘well, I believe in equal rights but I’m not a feminist.’ Well, a feminist is by definition someone who believes in equal rights. I’m hoping that people will not be afraid to say, that doesn’t mean you hate men, it doesn’t mean you want to separate out the world so that you’re not a part of ordinary life — that’s not what it means at all! It just means that we believe that women have the same rights as men,” she said.

Hillary got very candid with Lena, Talking about how she feared losing her identity as an independent woman when marrying her husband, former US president Bill Clinton, her thoughts on police brutality toward men and women of color, especially after the suspicious death of Sandra Bland, how she formed her political ambitions, and what she plans to do about reforming student debt. It is worth reading in full by clicking here.

We think it is important that Hillary appeals to ALL Americans, as being a president means you need to represent the needs of as wide of a demographic as possible. But we also love that she is not shying away from one of her biggest appeals – her stance on women’s rights. The interviews she is doing is part of her Women For Hillary push where she is sending the message that she is for ALL women.

There is a certain expectation in society that boys grow up inherently knowing their power and value, where as girls don’t necessarily have it instilled into them in the same way. Hillary’s movement for women is an important reminder to the younger generations that their potential is best realized when they use their passions, skills and resources for the good of the world. It’s that old “don’t hide your light under a bushel” sentiment, to use a more spiritual reference, that is an empowering call-to-action for women and girls today.

Aside from the interview with Lena (which you can watch below) Hillary is spreading her influence across all forms of media including the digital space, where she penned an essay for SheKnows media titled ‘Women’s issues are family issues, and family issues are economic issues.”

Her overall point was that amongst all the political arguments that get beaten to death especially during an election year, many women’s issues get thrown to the wayside in favor of other more “important” issues such as healthcare, jobs, the economy etc. But women’s issues are intrinsically tied into every major national issue.

“A funny thing happens when you work on behalf of children and families. You start noticing how often politicians dismiss the problems you spend your time thinking about. They think pre-K is about naptime, not creating lifelong learners. They think unequal pay isn’t a problem, despite plenty of evidence that families rely on women’s earnings and they are being shortchanged. And forget about affordable child care, paid family leave or paid sick days. They don’t want to hear any of it,” she began.


“Well, I am a proud lifelong fighter for so-called “women’s issues.” I believe that what’s good for women is good for America. And every single one of these “women’s” issues is a men’s issue, too. Men want their kids to get the best possible care. Plenty of dads want to stay home to bond with their new babies. Lots of sons are taking care of aging parents,” she added, stating that wage inequality, affordable childcare, and paid family leave affect entire families, not just one demographic.

Hillary points out the flawed reasoning amongst the Republican candidates as evidenced by the recent debates they have had, saying their only real stand-out ideas are to de-fund Planned Parenthood and continually give tax breaks to the uber-wealthy.

“And then there’s what they don’t say. Not a word about equal pay or paid family leave or quality, affordable preschool. No solutions for skyrocketing prescription drug costs. No credible plans to keep growing the economy. None willing to talk seriously about the epidemic of gun violence claiming the lives of too many American kids. None willing to say that Black Lives Matter. It’s time for something new,” she states, and we couldn’t agree more!


More than anything she wants to be elected on merit, and we believe she has that in spades, but claims one of her merits IS that she is a woman.

“I know what it’s like to be underestimated because of my gender — to be told that being a woman would count against me when I applied to a school or a job I had my heart set on. I’ve spent my whole life fighting for women and families because I believe that they matter to our nation and world — and because their struggles speak to my heart,” she said.

“I think it’s time for a President like that. If women stand together and fight together, we can make our country stronger, we can make our country fairer, and we can give our children and grandchildren the brighter futures that they deserve.”

We are ready to finally have our first female president. Let’s catch up with the rest of the world, electing a woman who is more than capable of being the Commander in Chief, more than ready and willing, and is able to continue the forward momentum that President Obama has begun after a difficult time of war and economic hardship that the world had to recover from.

There are still wars and humanitarian crises happening around the world today, and we need to elect a leader that will best represent the American people both at home and abroad. For now, we will promote the heck out of the positive and empowering messages Hillary has for women and girls. Dunno about you guys, but we sure are excited to think of Hillary Clinton not just as the first female president, but the first openly feminist one too!







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