Lisa D’Amato Tells Us What It’s REALLY Like To Be A Pregnant Celebrity

Dear Readers, once again we have the pleasure of another celebrity guest post from non other than Top Model and All Star girl, Lisa D’amato. You may remember her as a vivacious loud-mouthed girl who conquered her demons on Dr. Drew’s ‘Celebrity Rehab’ and become the comeback queen winning Tyra Bank’s America’s Next Top Model All Stars season in 2011. But just like she spoke about in her guest blog to us a few months ago, life as a celebrity is not as you think.

The media industry was literally given an adrenalin shot the past 9 months reporting on every nuance of Kim Kardashian and her pregnancy. While we are fascinated with knowing every detail about their lives and stupidly falling for the gimmicks that teach us to laugh at them, there is another side to this world. A human side. They are normal people, who go through pregnancy just like the rest of society and we don’t often get to hear first hand what that whole pregnancy media circus is like.

Lisa was willing to give us a no-holds-barred blog post about her experience so far, from finding out she was pregnant during her horrific accident which left her nose split open during a film stunt gone wrong, to what its like “announcing” your news to the media. We love you Lisa, and can’t wait to bring all our readers more insights along your new journey to becoming a mother!

Ever wonder what’s like to be in the public eye and to announce your pregnancy?

Lisa D'Amato Ultrasound

For me the announcement came out on E! News first. My agent said E! called her because they found out. Hiding it for almost 6 months was definitely hard but I just felt that I needed to do it for a few reasons:

1. When you’re pregnant you are extra sensitive and emotional and your body isn’t in your control anymore- atleast for me. I felt so defeated and nauseous all day. I was hesitant to see or hear negative comments from the public. I know that a lot of my fans/ haters are very young and would make comments because I won ANTM All-Stars 2 years ago which means I shouldn’t be getting pregnant with my husband- I should be working hard and hustling in the business. What people don’t know is that I have been hustling in this business since I was 12 years old! I also gave those 2 years after my win all my time and energy and traveled non stop. Plus, I’m ready to be a mom, and I’ll never stop hustling. It’s in my blood.

2. Then you have the old fashioned people who like to think that when you have a kid you are through. They assume your career is now over and that you gave up on your dreams and aren’t a driving force of inspiration anymore. This mentality drives me nuts! I could never fit into that category.

3. My recent emergency injury where I went into immediate plastic surgery from having a freak accident while filming a movie in Colorado (five and a half months ago- yep do the math…). I split my nose open in three places and received second degree burn skin abrasions to the mix in the middle of my face. Nobody knows this and I didn’t either at the time but I was pregnant during that time too. A few weeks later I would find out how far along pregnant I was to add to the stress of everything… You guys are hearing it first here on GirlTalkHQ!

Lisa D'amato injury
When the accident happened, it really put a damper into my high paced schedule. I had a press/ radio tour planned in the Philippines, my honeymoon with my husband in Thailand, music performances back in the LA the following weekend as well. I had to cancel everything. I was in great spirits though because I knew I was alive and didn’t snap my neck. I could have died, I could have knocked all my teeth out, it could’ve happened without my husband there, I also got really great medical attention and fast. I really felt blessed even though I knew my face would take a year to fully heal and my nose wouldn’t heal completely for a year either. Then I found out I was 8 wks pregnant two weeks later and I was shocked!

My first thought was “am I going to have to have an abortion because of all the X-rays [radiation], and medication I was on previously from the accident?” I was really rooting for this baby since, for me, it seemed like a sign. If I had to lay low for a year until I’m fully healed, I might as well become the mother I’ve always dreamed of being, ya know? There are a whole bunch of tests to go through at the beginning stages of pregnancy that take months and months to assure that the baby is healthy and safe, as far as they can tell.Before telling anyone, I wanted to make sure everything was A-O.K.

I didn’t want to set myself up to deliver bad news to anyone. Hiding the pregnancy was torture! I was nauseous 24/7, I was puffing out like crazy retaining so much water, gaining 10-12 pds like a snap. I was impossible to hang out with. The last few weeks have been a lot better, thankfully.

My baby boy is as healthy as can be as far as being a fetus is concerned and I’ll have you all know that he is quite the poser in the ultrasound pics as well. He is due the 1st week of October which means he’ll be a Libra like his mommy. Since I had to lay low to let my surgery heal, it is such a blessing to have such a beautiful surprise come thru during an unfortunate situation.

As far as pregnancy is concerned, that is a whole different subject. I heard that pregnancy is different with each woman and even different from each child. But I was sure that when I was pregnant I would be very disciplined in my eating habits and workout regiment that I wouldn’t gain too much weight and wouldn’t get stretch marks. Thus far I have no stretch marks- thanks to BioOil, raw shea butter and coconut oil. Yep I use them all everyday But, mother nature is still having a field day making me her personal joke and showing me whose boss!

I’m at the gym 4-5 days a week for 2 and a 1/2 hrs each time doing low impact exercises, and I’ve already gained 35 lbs. During pregnancy 35-40 lbs is the weight recommended for the entire term…

I have 3 more months to go. Scary! I’m working hard but eating healthy- it doesn’t seem right?! At the end of the day our bodies are going to do what they want to do in order to create the best home and shelter for the baby. Cheering myself on each day is a must because I get down everyday too. And let me tell you- cravings are real. I watch the food commercials like Pizza Hut and Carl’s Jr and my mouth just waters.I am so jealous of the women that eat this stuff and not gain weight! At least my baby isn’t getting the GMO’s, processed/added hormones etc that are in fast foods which are the leading cause of Autism from all the past decades of additives in foods.

Lisa and Ryan Seacrest

When my pregnancy was announced on E!, Us Weekly, etc. I really tried to prepare myself emotionally for the backlash. I truly don’t care what people think or let them control my life decisions but I’m still a human being with feelings, a pregnant women at that as well, so I didn’t want to expose myself to such negativity at this time since 2013 has already been a crazy emotional roller coaster for me and my husband.

To my surprise people seemed really happy for me. I got more “congratulations” than I could have ever imagined. It was such a blessing. I guess I always prepare myself for the worst which has been a survival mechanism for me and has generally worked but it really doesn’t prepare me for unexpected joy. It’s such a positive surprise and I’d like to thank everyone for that.

This summer, while I look like a pregnant cow, I’ll be on a major network show that airs in July as well as going to the premiere of the movie “Cowboys and Indians” I am in here in LA. I’m also working on a book with exclusive photographs and inspirational life stories as well as working with my production company partners, Den Of Thieves, on a new show as we speak.

I love you guys! Thanks again for all the love and support. It truly means the world to me. Until the next blog..



  1. Adrian Mansion says:

    Well said lil mama! Don’t be too hard on yourself with weight gain. Who cares, it comes off. Your probably going to freak out when you see that your tummy didn’t magicaly pop back to it’s normal self (I’m still waiting) I’ve learned after delivering 6 kids…it’s not time to be incontrol. Now is the time to enjoy rubbing that beautiful belly, laying in the sunshine and enjoying the summer and feeling your baby move. You’ve hit the sweet spot so enjoy the next few months. Its great that your working out, but don’t forget that pool! Swimming is amazing during pregnancy, especially that last hump where you can’t move or sleep. Enjoy every minute, even the seemingly rough parts. I truely miss it.

  2. Marc and theresa says:

    Congrats girl.. We are happy for you..proud of you too Your couple..

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