A List Of Reasons Why Laci Green Is A Feminist & We Should Be Too


Feminism: it’s a word that scares a lot of people in a bunch of different ways. But when you break it down to bare bones, it essentially just means “the person who believes in the social political, and economic equality of the sexes,” according to novelist and activist Chimanada Ngozi Adichie.

Sounds simple and convincing right? So why are so many people threatened by it and why is it still a heavily politicized and debated topic in mainstream media? We’re talked about this a few times on our Youtube Channel (subscribe to it to watch our Weekly Wrap Up videos!) and given a few examples of why feminism is more important than ever.

Popular Youtube vlogger Laci Green whose video about sexual objectification by the media we shared a few months ago, is known for her videos about sex. In April she uploaded a video giving 50+ reasons why she is a feminist, and some of them we definitely share.

If you are a man or a woman and are still on the fence about why feminism is relevant today, and whether you want to support it or not, some of her solid reasons perhaps will make you change your mind.

“Think feminism is both kick ass and super important, here are a few reasons why,” she starts off.

Because women who have a lot of sex are sluts, while guys are studs. Double standards.

Because one in 4 women is assaulted and society still asks “what was she wearing?”

Because boobs are used to sell everything from burgers to soap, but women are chastised for breastfeeding in public.

In general shaving is considered optional for men bu mandatory for women. So if women have hair armpits it is offensive.


Because of the pressure we put on women to value their appearance above everything else. Because of labia-plastys, boob jobs, hymenoplastys (yep, there are elective surgeries to alter the appearance of your labia…no comment!)

Because a male orgasm in a movie is rated PG-13 (in the US) while a female orgasm is rated R.

Because in 2013 there were over 700 bills proposed in Congress to regulate a women’s body, but 0 for men (the way it should be for both!).

Because the political makeup of people making decisions about how to regulate a woman’s body in the US is over 80% male.

Because men occupy the top rungs of not just politics but every industry in the world. Women only hold 1 in 4 STEM jobs (75% are male), women own 6% of TV stations (94% belong to men) and women hold only 5% of top positions in the media (vs. 95% of men).

Because girls who display leadership abilities at a young age are called ‘bossy‘ and not a ‘good leader’.

Because of the gender pay gap that still exists in America. Men are paid more for doing the same job. Over the course of her career, a woman will have lost out on an average of $450,000 due to the discriminatory pay gap. The number is even greater for Latina and Black women, according to statistics from the White House.

Because the media teaches girls that women are the competition.

Because of the gender roles that are taught to girls and boys from a young age which serves as a tool to isolate, intimidate and breed insecurities are we try to step out and challenge the status quo.

Because a guy calling another guy a “pussy” is the worst type of insult: being compared to a woman, and a woman’s anatomy at that.

Because boys are shamed for being emotionally open as that is a “girl thing” and womanhood is seen as “weak”.

Because in 2013 only 5% of mainstream films starred a woman of color.

Because half the girls in Yemen will become child brides.

Because 65% of Brazilians believe that a woman who dresses in revealing clothes deserves to be raped.

Because in Saudi Arabia women are not allowed to vote or drive.

Because everyday around the world women’s bodies are used as a battle ground in wars started by men. Raped, beaten, sold into slavery, burned with acid, and mutilated.

Because when a woman speaks out about injustice she is called “emotional” or “angry” or “on her period”.

So, do you believe in gender equality? Do you still think feminism is dead or not important?

Watch Laci’s video below and let us know what you think about the F Word!


  1. It is a woman’s own choice as to whether they shave under their arms. Personally, I prefer it when they do not as the natural look is downright sexy. in no way should it ever be regarded as unnatural or dirty.

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