Looking For A Rad Web Series Feat. 2 Badass Female Comedians? ‘Sitting On Babies’ Is Your Answer!


If you’re looking for the place where up-and-coming female comedians create and share their awesome content with the world, look no further than Youtube. And though it might seem like a vast universe of user-created content that you need to wade through to get to the good stuff, allow us to guide you!

We are all familiar with the Comedy Central line up of shows, but to find out where all the great comedy talent is coming from, Youtube is where it is at! It has become the best destination to discover and watch awesome content on a regular basis, and we love to share shows and videos, especially if they are created by and star women.

Our latest obsession is the ‘Sitting on Babies’ web series, which is just about to launch its third season on Sept 9th. The show was created by two New York girls Becky Whittemore and Brooke Jacob. Becky is an Upright Citizens Brigade improv student and can regularly be seen on the NYC indie comedy scene. Brooke is a new mom who performs theater all around the country.


The show is filmed as a reality show which documents the life of two babysitters: Brooke and Becky. Both women were actually working as babysitters in real life when the concept came about, so to use the term “reality” is definitely not a stretch.

Both women met at a comedy improv class and came up with the idea to share their many experiences babysitting various children across New York City in a funny way.

‘Sitting on Babies’ is directed by Tim Young who has also produced seasons 1 & 2 of the show, and has directed episodes of another awesome female-driven comedy series ‘Broad City’.


Episodes from previous seasons have been featured on ‘Funny or Die’ which is a huge platform to find the best comedy content around.

The trailer for Season 3 mixes elements of ‘Girls’ and ‘Broad City’ where you have two women trying to make it in the fast-paced tough world of New York City. You do what you can to survive, and have fun and make plenty of mistakes along the way.

Because both women have over a decade of babysitting experience, they were featured on Care.com, a site which advertisers care-giver and babysitting/nannying jobs, talking about why they chose to make a reality show out of their experiences.

“We don’t actually write about the families we work for,” said Brooke, but added there is definitely “truth” to the stories they are telling.


While the series shows their mishaps, experiences, frustrations and unusual encounters in their babysitting jobs, the girls say it is the ideal job to have if you are pursuing a career in the creative arts on the side.

“Babysitting can be an amazing job, especially when you work for caring and supportive families (like Becky and I are fortunate enough to do). But it’s also a job that people often do while working on another skill and passion,” said Brooke.

A review on Webveeguide.com helpfully reminds audiences that this series is the furthest thing from Mary Poppins or even British ‘Supernanny’ star Jo Frost. These babysitters have to deal with manipulative kids, runaway kids, OCD parents and also put up with less-than-ideal kids whose parents are well-connected in the industry and might one day give them their big break.

Whatever situation you can think of in the world of babysitting, you can be sure to find it in ‘Sitting on Babies’. You can watch season 1 & 2 online now, and watch season three starting Sept 9, and every Wednesday onwards. If you are in NYC on Sept 8th and want to attend the launch party to meet the babysitters/comedic geniuses themselves, you can purchase tickets here.

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