Louis Vuitton Proves Age Is Just A Number, Casts 70 Year Old Model In New Campaign


You guys, this is pretty spesh! In yet another example to show how the lines of “beauty” are being blurred by the fashion industry, Louis Vuitton have cast their oldest model ever in their new Spring/Summer 2014 campaign.

The woman is none other than 70 year old French actress Dame Catherine Deneuve, and she was chosen by Marc Jacobs, who ended his run at the luxury label on a high. This was the last campaign he designed for LV, and turned it into a collage of all his muses that have inspired him in fashion. The campaign included uber model Giselle Bundchen, director Sofia Coppola, British Model Edie Campbell, Chinese actress Fan Bingbing, and French model Caroline de Maigret.

The fact that he chose a 70 year old woman to front a huge campaign is really beautiful an inspiring to us. Louis Vuitton’s communications and events director Frédéric Winckler said “It’s really celebrating women who inspire Marc.”

Catherine is certainly a celebrated woman at the moment, as she just received the Lifetime Achievement award in Berlin at the European Film Awards on December 7th, 2013. Oh and in case you didn’t know, she is a huge fan of Jennifer Lawrence (ummm who isn’t?!?!)

During her career she has made over 100 films, appeared as the face of Chanel in the 1970s,

We love that there are people in fashion willing to celebrate beauty of all ages, shapes and size. You don’t have to just be a size zero model to be at the top of the fashion food chain. Marc Jacobs picking Dame Deneuve and showcasing her as one of his muses means women should be proud of who they are, their achievements and what they look like. If we spent life trying to change ourselves constantly, the world misses out on our unique qualities and we will never be happy with ourselves.



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