Love In The Time Of Catfishing: Protect Yourself From Scammers On Dating Apps

Online dating can be an exciting way for people to find potential partners and meet new friends. Due to this, the popularity of dating apps has substantially increased in recent years. After the pandemic, people mostly prefer meeting potential dates online rather than going out and meeting new people in public places or through mutual friends. However, the increased use of dating apps has also increased the number of scammers on these applications.

ExpressVPN’s guide states that there are millions of users on online dating apps. With such huge numbers, it is very easy for scammers and cyber criminals to blend in easily. There are so many ways that scammers try to lure in victims on dating apps. The crimes against users on dating apps have been gradually increasing as well. Romance scams are a major issue for users of dating apps, and they need to find ways to avoid suspicious accounts easily.

Are Women More Prone To Fall For Love Scams?

Based on a study conducted by Tessian Cloud Email Security, it is reported that men are more prone to fall for romance scams. 11 percent of male users have fallen for a romance scam. On the contrary, the percentage of women users falling for romance scams is about 5 percent. This can be correlated to the fact that women are used to being aware of suspicious activities.

It can not be denied that almost every woman has experienced some sort of catcalling or teasing incident in their life. Women are used to looking out for red flags on dating apps because they can find themselves in dangerous situations if they meet the wrong person. Men, on the contrary, do not feel threatened by the idea of meeting a woman and thus are more prone to fall for traps.

Protect Yourself From Romance Scams

As stated above, women are less prone to fall for dating scams. Multiple factors play into this stark difference in male and female victims. First and foremost, men usually do not feel threatened by any potential female dates. Most men believe that they can overpower a woman easily if something suspicious happens when they meet.

On the contrary, women are wary when they talk to people online. It is very heavily ingrained in women to take precautionary measures and be suspicious of people’s intentions. However, this cautious behavior also makes it easy for women to observe danger signals early in the conversation.

It is important for users of dating apps to learn about the dangers of using dating apps and what sort of scams are happening on these platforms. Once users have a better understanding of the crimes that can happen to them on dating apps, they will be more inclined to look for red flags. It is always better to be cautious and observant with people you meet online to find out any shady things that could help you avoid a potential scammer.

The best way to protect yourself from dating scams and cyber crimes on dating apps is to avoid suspicious accounts. Additionally, users should avoid providing private information or sharing explicit images with someone they just met on a dating app to ensure they prevent phishing attacks. Similarly, when you are planning to meet up with someone for the first time, it is better to choose a public place during the day. It is also better to meet someone away from your home so they can not easily trace your home address.

Be Vigilant

There are multiple reasons for users to be very cautious while using dating apps. If people are not aware of the dangers of using online dating apps, they should do proper research. There are various types of scammers on dating apps that try to extort money or material gifts from their victims. Additionally, catfishing and blackmailing are also quite common on dating apps. 

That is why users of dating apps should be wary of the people they match with. It is best to take some precautionary measures rather than deal with an unfortunate incident. Every person you meet on a dating app is essentially a stranger, and you can never guarantee what their intentions are when they approach you for a conversation. Be aware, and stay vigilant.

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