Makeup Mogul Bobbi Brown Says Beauty Is About Confidence & Individuality


Look out fashion world, there’s a new editor-in-chief in town! And she comes armed with an awesome message and success to back up her ideas. The woman is makeup mogul Bobbi Brown, who has just been named as the new EIC of Yahoo Beauty.

The 56 year old also just released a book called ‘Everything Eyes’ which is chock full of makeup tips from the masetro herself specifically in relation to eyes.

Bobbi is also known for her keen sense of business, and has aligned herself with the right names and understands the power of social media when it comes to targeting Gen-Y. She has a Youtube channel called ‘I Love Makeup’ where you can see various bloggers, vloggers, and industry experts share how they use the popular brand of makeup.

Speaking about her new job, she says it is an opportunity to show a different side of the beauty industry.

“I get to combine my interest in education and empowerment by curating amazing visual content that will teach women how to be their best selves,” Brown said in a statement. “Beauty is not just about makeup, it’s about lifestyle and confidence.”

Bobbi will be responsible for a huge overhaul of the site, hiring new staff for Yahoo beauty, and create original and empowering content on a daily basis. But whether you are interested in makeup and beauty or not, there is something for every woman.

“Beauty isn’t about looking perfect; it’s about celebrating your individuality. I already create a lot of content with social media, but my interest in beauty isn’t just about cosmetics. That’s what excited me about this opportunity. Beauty for me is lifestyle, empowerment, what you eat — so many things,” she said.

We’re definitely excited to see this new addition to the Yahoo family, and we are also stoked that CEO Marissa Mayer is responsible for taking the platform from an aging news source to a new fresh, and exciting way for millennials to engage in digital media.

As for Bobbi’s message of beauty being an empowering source and promoting individuality, well what woman in their right mind wouldn’t want to get behind that!?

Bobbi Brown



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