Male Comedy Duo Release AWESOME Song About Consent


With all the talk about #yesallwomen, sexual assault, rape, and gender violence, it’s hard to be hopeful that men actually care or want to do something about this worldwide issue.

The #allmencan campaign showed a group of men holding up signs with their thoughts on sexual harassment and why they stand against it. Here’s hoping those guys don’t just speak about it, but actually put their words into action because that is what’s needed.

Across the pond in the UK, British comedy duo Jack and Dean have lent their voices and talents to the growing viral conversation in an effort to entice men to get involved, by using their secret weapon: humor.

Yes, we know there’s nothing funny about rape, but just hear us out! These guys have created an awesome music video called ‘Consent’ where they play out a scenario of a guy meeting a girl at a bar, who is somewhat interested in him. Instead of using the “she was asking for it” usual line of thinking, they put all the onus back on the men saying no matter how she’s dressed, how many drinks she’s had, and what you think you are entitled to, you need her consent!

YES! There is an actual song about consent, and it is awesomesauce.

A quick google search will show this video hasn’t exactly made headline news but it does have over 240,00 views on Youtube. We wanted to do our part by sharing this video because while is it super funny and catchy, there are some pretty solid one-liners that all men could learn from.


For starters, both men actually acknowledge that they’re talking about a real person, saying, “She’s a human being. She’s got a brain.” In fact, Dean actually pauses to apologize to her for speaking so candidly right in front of her. After emphasizing that it is all so “clear and simple,” John concludes, “I get it now. It works only with your consent.”

In the video they literally have a “consent contract” drawn up on big parchment paper to signify how official and serious consent should be taken.

“One of them decided to change their mind, and just to clarify, that’s completely fine,” they continue to rap.

Though she signed the consent “contract” earlier, the woman soon passes out from drinking too much. Recognizing that there can be no consent during incapacitation, Jack and Dean give the sleeping woman a blanket and leave her alone.

The message is clear, that consent is a must in any given sexual situation. It allows women to be seen as equal human beings and valued people, in the eyes of men, and that it why this video is super important.

Seriously girls, share this with everyone you know, especially men! Thank you Jack and Dean for lending your all-important male voice to this issue and showing your gender that men who stand up for women are the type of guys we want in this world!

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