Meaningful Ways To Support Your Pregnant Friend

It’s a fact that pregnancy transforms a woman’s body, but unknown to many, it can also change a mom-to-be’s relationship with others, especially with her friends. If the friend is already a mom, it’s likely that their bond can get stronger as they’re about to have a new thing in common. However, if the friend is child-free, it’s possible that their friendship can change drastically over the next few months. There’s even a possibility that long-time friends could drift apart once the baby is born as a survey has found that 68% of parents felt cut off from friends and colleagues after having a baby. 

Pregnancy and motherhood can be quite isolating and lonely for some women, especially if their friends don’t have children, or are choosing not to have kids. It can also be challenging, so pregnant women will need a good support system. If your bestie is expecting a baby, she’ll need your support, care, and love. Thankfully, there are ways to relate and be there for your friend, even if you’re not in the same boat. Here are some ways to help and support your pregnant friend. 

Choose to Spend Time Together

Friendships, like romantic relationships, require effort. Staying friends with someone means choosing to spend time with them, even if that means just a quick video call to catch up or having tea together on a random Tuesday. Let her know that you’re there for her and that her pregnancy won’t change your friendship. You can do that by getting her to talk about the things that interested her before she started expecting, or inviting her to binge watch a series and snacking on whatever it is that she wants to eat.

Keep in mind that you can still do a lot of things that you used to do together before she got pregnant, minus potentially harmful activities such as drinking or extreme sports. You should also listen to her if she says that she’s uncomfortable or if she’s feeling any pain– the key here is to be sympathetic, so offer a back rub, get her a warm beverage, and let her know that she can count on you for anything. 

Reassure and Pamper Her

A recent study has revealed that most pregnant women develop body image issues while expecting, and they feel unattractive or awkward whenever they have to go out in public. If you think your pregnant friend’s self-esteem has plummeted because she feels ungainly or overweight, tell her that she’s glowing and that she’s been amazing throughout her pregnancy journey. She’s likely to feel the same after giving birth, so show her that she’s loved and supported by pampering her. You can deliver homecooked meals, or give her some treats that would help her feel comfortable, such as a sleep mask, some lip balm, and some nice-smelling bath and body products. 

Respect Her Choices

Being a good friend means supporting your bestie’s choices and not adding to her fears and doubts. For instance, you shouldn’t make her question her birth plans, especially if she has discussed it with her health provider. If she tells you that she doesn’t want to breastfeed, don’t be like her overly “concerned” relatives and pressure her into doing so. Pregnancy and motherhood is different for every woman, so respect your friend’s decisions.

Once the baby is born, offer to do some of her errands for her, or visit sometimes and let her know that you’re willing to hold the baby while she takes a bath. Things like these can be a blessing to a first-time mom, so see what else you can do to help out your friend. 

Staying friends with your pregnant bestie is possible if you make an effort to be there for her. Try these tips to support and help your friend, and let her know that you’ve got her back throughout her pregnancy and beyond. 

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