Meet Nadirah P – The Comedian & Creator Bringing Joy & Authenticity To Instagram

There’s a LOT to be worried about these days when digesting the daily news, and social media doom-scrolling seems to be a more regular occurrence than we’d like. But thanks to content creators like Nadirah P, we have a new reason to remain hopeful about the world, while also having a laugh. If you aren’t yet familiar with the Instagram creator and comedian, here’s your chance.

Most recently, Instagram tapped her for their campaign as a leading creator bringing joy and authenticity to the platform. The new Instagram campaign is empowering people with the message “Who We Become is Yours to Make.” After a year that challenged everything we thought was normal and possible, the campaign is a call for progress, optimism, and reinvention as we look back on this past year and denounce “going back to normal.”

Nadirah’s followers are drawn to her distinctive voice and she represents a new generation of Muslim comedians who found their voice on social media. Her natural ability to make people laugh using satire on racism, mental health, and identity has allowed her to forge a unique lane for herself as a Black/Haitian Muslim woman who wears the hijab. At just 24-years old, her comedic presence on Instagram has garnered nearly 100K followers, earned her multiple stand-up performances, and grabbed the attention of fellow New Jersey comedian Ramy Youssef. 

A recent feature in Teen Vogue described her as “paving the way” for young Muslim women to understand that they are allowed to set goals that are unconventional and take up space.

We had the chance to speak one-on-one with Nadirah, read on below to find out what she has to say about the importance of authenticity, embracing her identity, and what gives her hope during the dark times these days:

Tell us where your comedy career began, and what drew you to the comedy world to begin with? 

My comedy career began on Instagram around 4-5 years ago. I started just making videos for my family and friends and next thing you know I went viral. A year or so later I did my first standup show and the rest is history. 

Who were your comedy role models growing up? 

Growing up I love all the Black women of comedy: Mo’nique, Sommore, Lavell, and the various Black women that featured on comedy central. 

You have been using your platform to talk about issues like mental health, racism identity and more. Why it is important to you to incorporate this into your social media presence?

It is important for me to incorporate this into my social media presence because though I love to joke and banter but I can’t ignore the fact that real life is still happening all around us and some of it isn’t a laughing matter. And many of these things affect me, the people closest to me, and my followers and in this community I’ve created I think its important for us to work through our problems together and to support each other. Also, to find as many solutions as possible. 

You were sought out by Instagram for a new campaign, as a leading voice bringing joy and authenticity to the platform. Can you talk about your involvement in the campaign and what it means to be part of it? 

I was and still am surprised to have been chosen for this campaign but I’m so excited! It means so much to see myself on billboards and to know that I’ve been apart of a campaign that’s all about authenticity because that’s what I’ve always been intentional about holding on to. I hope this campaign and inspires everyone that sees it to be their most authentic and truest selves. 

How does your background as a Black, Haitian Muslim woman play a role in the content you create on social media?

I pull most of my comedy style, and my jokes from my culture, from the people I see around me and the experiences I have amongst my people so they definitely play a major role. 

What do you love best about doing stand-up? And how have you adapted your comedy career during COVID? 

I love the audience engagement but most of all I love having the ability to open my mouth, carefully put some words together or tell a story and have people experience happiness and joy. Its definitely a gift I don’t take for granted. 

Although we are living in very bleak times, why do you feel it is important to bring comedy, joy and hope into the world? 

Because on our darkest days that’s all we have and without those (hope and joy) we will die or lose our will for living. Things are sad, tense, and just overall horrible and sometimes this mind, heart and spirit need a break and the only break most of us get is through laughter and joy, even if only for a brief moment.

If you could collaborate with one person in the near future, who would it be and what would you both be doing? 

Zainab Johnson, I would love to be good enough to tour with her one day. 

Be sure to follow Nadirah P. on Instagram for your daily dose of hilarity and hope!

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