African-American Entrepreneur Making History In The Nutritional Supplement Industry

Meet Samia Gore, a girl boss making history as the first African American female CEO to break ground in the male-dominated, nutritional supplement industry. The author and healthy lifestyle advocate started Body Complete Rx (BCRX), a brand of plant-based and vegan shakes, vitamins and energy drops after losing the 80 pounds she gained while pregnant with her fourth child.

Created as a result of her own wellness journey, Samia’s self-funded start-up has garnered over 10 million in sales in just 3 years and seen the support of celebrity clients including Nicole Murphy and Kenya Moore.
Now that Gore has everyone’s attention (she routinely sells out of signature products), she is expanding BCRX from a weight management-focused business to a brand centered on overall holistic health and wellness. Part of the brand’s 2021 expansion will include launching a new look for Body Complete Rx’s packaging and website, as well as new product offerings, including a Vitamin C serum, collagen-boosting powder, men’s multivitamins, and superfood bars. 

This entrepreneur has an inspiring success story and has been featured in Elle, Essence, Bustle, Us Weekly and more. So we had the opportunity to speak with this history-maker and nutritional supplement game-changer about her business and how she is helping others in their health journey.

Samia Gore, CEO of Body Complete Rx

How did you first become interested in the health and wellness areas, and what prompted this focus? 

I really became interested in health and wellness in my mid 30s when I realized my metabolism and energy levels were not what they used to be when I was younger. I wanted to be the best version of myself, both physically and mentally, for my kids and for myself. I wanted to make sure their mom would be here for a long time, which is why I started looking into natural alternatives. 

How did being pregnant and becoming a mom to a growing family play a role in your business today? 

As a mom, I have to find balance in the things that I am doing. Both balance in business and balance with my family. I also want to leave a legacy behind for my family, so it’s really important for me that my business thrives and succeeds so I can give that to them one day.  

You are a barrier breaker for Black Women in the nutritional supplement industry. Why is this important to you, and why do we need more women of color in this space? 

We need more women of color in this space because we’re severely underrepresented. When making formulas for nutritional supplements, the person creating the formula should understand the make of the person that’s using them. This doesn’t just apply to women of color but women in general; women need to be making products for other women. I specifically sought out a female doctor to make formulas for women because who better understands a woman than a woman herself. It’s this very stance that I think makes us standout from other nutritional supplement companies.

America has a very bad history when it comes to healthcare and Black women. Can you share from your perspective how you hope more Black women especially will shape the future of health and wellness?

I think Black women seeing other Black, female-owned businesses like mine automatically opens the door for them. I hope that these women not only see what I’m doing, but also see that I’m successful at doing it, and feel like they too can pursue their dreams and start their own business. 

How do you hope Body Complete Rx will play a role in the trend toward more women in general taking charge of their health and bypassing cultural and legislative barriers? 

Body Complete Rx is making products that are accessible and can support women on their journey to health, which is where we play a part in helping women grow and better themselves. My products are for all women, regardless of shape, size, race or culture.

For many entrepreneurs, COVID-19 has changed the way they do business. Can you share how the pandemic has shifted your work? 

The pandemic has hugely impacted the health and wellness industry. More people are understanding the importance of being healthy and well, taking care of their bodies, and keeping their immune system strong. Health/wellness brands are seeing more interest in consumers looking to support their lifestyle, and Body Complete Rx certainly has as well. In fact, I recently saw a study conducted by New Hope in May 2020 in which 40% of consumers said their supplement usage had increased over the last month. This is further going to be the case with the introduction of the vaccine and with more and more people getting vaccinated. 

You started your career as a public servant and today are a multi-million dollar entrepreneur. But can you share any struggles along the way that stand out, that remind us being a business owner is a journey?

Being a business owner comes with countless ups and downs; some days are good and others are bad. As Jay-Z once said, “The genius thing that we did was, we didn’t give up.” There are so many times where you feel like giving up or you aren’t even paying yourself a salary to keep your business afloat, but you just have to remember that owning a business is a journey and you have to stay on the ride. 

For people looking to make a change in their health and lifestyle, but may feel overwhelmed, what advice can you give in terms of where to start and what to try?

Start small. Make realistic goals. If you don’t workout at all, don’t make it your goal to workout five days a week. Start with one day a week and slowly increase after that. If you take things in little bites, you will look back and realize the huge chunk that you bit. Regardless of where you are on your wellness journey, a household staple should be daily multivitamins. I would also encourage people to try plant-based protein shakes, which are perfect for those starting out and looking to boost their energy, increase metabolism, and curb appetite. Our NOURISH protein powder has 9 essential amino acids plus 20 grams of protein in every serving, which powers muscle growth, enhances immunity, and propels your heart and blood vessel health.

Finally, what makes you a powerful woman?

I think what makes me a powerful woman is my perseverance. There are so many highs and lows that come with being an entrepreneur and having your own business. Sometimes it’s hard to feel like there’s anything between the highs and lows, but for every low I hit, I always tell myself I will soon reach a high so I always keep at it, no matter what life throws my way.