Meet The First Hijabi Girl To Be Featured In Seventeen Magazine

Ainee Fatima

Her name is Ainee Fatima, she is 22 and lives in Chicago. She calls herself a ‘Badass Muslim Girl’ and has a tumblr blog of the same name. She follows Jada Pinkett-Smith on facebook, as do we, and is a social activist and poet. Her passion is the break down barriers when it comes to religion, and promote interfaith tolerance. Her work has won the recognition of some highly influential people in America, including Hilary Clinton who handpicked Ainee to help challenge stereotypes of Muslim women in the U.S.

Her blog is all about documenting her life as a muslim, and a woman of color in the United States. Being the first woman in a Hijab to be featured in Seventeen Magazine is a big deal, and one she is certainly proud of!

“As of May 20th, 2013 I am the first Hijabi to be featured in Seventeen magazine. I’m really humbled and honored to announced that I’m working with Gucci, Beyonce for her campaign, Chime for Change and Seventeen Magazine to unite and strengthen the voices speaking out for girls and women around the world.”

It is inspiring and exciting to see young women from all walks of life breaking down barriers and setting great examples for others like them. For Ainee to be featured in Seventeen Magazine, be a poet and social activist would be unheard of in many Muslim regions around the world, and even in some circumstances in the west.

If she is not afraid to embrace everything about herself, then let this be an inspiration to all of you ladies out there. Celebrate your unique qualities as your strengths.

Check out her experience doing the shoot for the mag in New York in her video below. You can also see more of Ainee on her Facebook Page and following her on Twitter.

Ainee Fatima

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