Meet The Five Women In Poker Who Are Breaking Barriers & Making The Men Nervous

Although not in the headlines, women have been making their mark on the poker tables since the sport became popular. That’s right – the girls are going for gold and chasing Aces with vigor and determination, making the men go flush in the face and weak at the knees!

These no-nonsense chicks with ice-cold glares and nerves of steel are sticking it to men in this male-dominated sport. 2018 is no different, and the girls are chasing the high stakes and raking in the dough. These women are strong and merciless in their pursuit of poker perfection and in the process, making short work of the men. You too can get a piece of the action at the tables (online) as seen on this popular site. Here are a list of ladies to watch out for in 2018.

Annette Obrestad

The Scandinavian goddess is consistently killing it at the tables. She won her first WSOP bracelet at the tender age of 18 and is the youngest ever to do so. Annette’s first foray into the poker world was in online freerolls and has funded her whole career from the winnings. She has continued to kick ass and take names and amassed four million in tournament prize money, making her the fourth highest female earner of all time. Her steely gaze and elite poker skills are making grown man quiver in their boots at tables all over the world.

Liv Boeree

The iron maiden from Kent is a force to be reckoned with. She is WSOP and European poker tournament champion who has amassed over 3.3 million dollars in tournament winnings, making her the fifth best female player of all time.
Liv can be often seen around the tables propping her head up with her arm. But don’t let her laconic demeanor fool you. She has taken down some of the best in the game and continues to do so. She has looks.

She also has the brains, having graduated from Manchester University with a First Class Honors degree in Physics. She has since moved on to become a boss on the poker tables. Her beauty and brains have seen her host a number of television shows and she’s even set up her own charity and raised over six million dollars for a number of charities. Liv is a beacon of light and an inspiration to not only women in poker, but women all over the world.

Maria Ho

Super cute and super skilled, Maria Ho is a poker fanboy’s dream, unless of course he’s opposing her on the poker table. Don’t let her demure demeanor fool you, Maria has cashed out in over 45 WSOP events and won over 2.3 million in tournaments. The Taiwanese temptress has played in tournaments all over the world and she has also played in the world poker invitational for China, helping her to team secure victory in 2010. She has gone on to make a career in media with commentating roles and has even appeared on the Amazing Race with fellow poker pro pal Tiffany Michelle.

Vanessa Rousso

Vanessa is a queen at the tables. She has won over 3.5 million in tournaments and has made the list of top 10 female poker players of all time. Vanessa goes under the name Lady Maverick and has been playing professionally since 2005. She has looks and skills that kill. Her laundry list of career highlights and her proactive pro-gambling lobbying make her an advocate for the sport and to women across the globe. She can often have been seen around the table sporting her signature hat, headphones and designer sunglasses and has made numerous appearances on television. Lady Maverick makes easy work of even the most seasoned poker playing men.

Victoria Coren Mitchell

Not only is this London lass a shark on the tables she is also an accomplished writer and writes a weekly column for The Observer. Coren started her poker career in the European circuit and was the first woman to win an event on the European poker tour. She was on the Poker Stars’ team until they announced they were starting an online casino which conflicted with her moral compass – so she decided to cease ties with the conglomerate and go her own way. She is still active in the European Poker circuit and can be seen playing in various high stakes games around her local stomping grounds in London.

These are just a few of the ladies slaying at playing poker, getting paid and showing up the majority of men in the sport. They are strong, positive female role models with nerves of steel and a fine representation, not only of women in poker but women across the globe. They have the brains and beauty to get the job done both on and off the poker table. Each one of these women will make any man think twice before challenging her at anything!


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