Meet The Women Trailblazers Making History In The World of Fintech

As revolutionary and innovative as the world of fintech (financial-technology) claims to be, it’s sorely lacking in a crucial way: women in fintech are vastly underrepresented. The fintech space has historically been a male-dominated industry, and for years it has dismissed the inclusion of highly capable and ambitious women looking for a seat at the table. Innovate Finance’s 2019 Venture Capital Investment Report cites that female founders make up just 17% of fintech companies, and when it comes to VC fintech funding, women receive a measly 3% compared to men. 

While the inequality is pervasive, there are women who have persisted against all odds to make themselves known and heard in a space where not many people care to listen. This visual designed by CreditRepair showcases some of the groundbreaking women who have carved a path for themselves in an industry where one didn’t seem to exist, along with their words of wisdom to remind you that your dreams are possible—even when everything seems to be telling you they’re not. 

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