Mel B On Raising Her Kids: “I Want My Daughters To Be Empowered”


The Spice Girls can easily be credited with sparking an entire generation of girl’s imaginations about modern day girl power. Their high-energy hits and loud statements ensured that everyone everywhere knew that girls could do anything they wanted. While many pop bands of the ’90s were manufactured by record labels, the girl power aspect of the Spice Girls was certainly nothing they had to teach many of the members.

Sporty Spice, aka Melanie Chisholm, has spoken openly to the press about how she wants to raise her daughter to be a feminist, quite simply because she is one. Having seen far too many bad examples of female artists these days, Mel C says she doesn’t want her girl growing up with the notion that using your body or sexuality is the only way to get ahead.

It was a strong statement to make because there are many feminists who believe expressing your sexuality is all about female empowerment. There are valid points for and against for sure. But Mel C said the Spice Girls’ brand of empowerment was more internal than external, and she believes the notion of girl power these days has somewhat deviated.

Scary Spice, aka Melanie Brown, was the other stand-out member of the group who embodied the notion of “I am woman hear me roar”. Known for her loud outfits and hair-do’s, Mel B hasn’t exactly shied away from the spotlight. She has appeared on the Australian version of ‘The X Factor, ‘America’s Got Talent’, and is currently playing judge on ‘The X Factor’ in the UK.

In an interview with Grazia magazine UK, Mel talks about the next generation of mini scary spices, her daughters, and how she wants them to grow up knowing their mom is known for being a powerful woman. One of the major decisions she made was to move from the UK to Los Angeles for a while to escape the negative press she was getting, and it was so that her daughters could grow up away from that.

“I had very negative press and I didn’t want my kids to be bought up around negativity. I wanted my girls to be empowered, and America pats you on the back. I also wanted to be able to walk out the front door without getting cameras in my baby’s face.”

While paparazzi in Hollywood certainly do their fair share of celeb-stalking, the UK tabloids are notoriously bad in comparison.

Part of her brand is saying what’s on her mind, which doesn’t always go down well with others, but that’s essentially what she’s built her career on. It is seen a lot on ‘The X Factor’.

“I see the performances for the first time with the viewers so whatever comes out of my mouth is fresh and honest. I don’t edit myself and that can get me into trouble,” she said.

“I know that in the past I’ve been seen as this tough, ballsy woman who doesn’t care, has no emotions, but I can be vulnerable and emotional. I’m human. I think the public only saw one side to me, but if they’d looked they’d have seen every side. Someone who’s known me for 16 years said recently, ‘You haven’t changed, you’re the same girl. It’s just people are looking at you more than before’.”

And speaking of ‘The X Factor’, although the media loves to invent and exaggerate stories of female celebs cat-fighting, Mel says she is great friends with co-star and fellow judge Cheryl Cole. Despite the fact they are technically competitors on the show, in real life it couldn’t be further from the truth.

“I am a girl’s girl and Cheryl is lovely, how can you not love her? I’m not bitchy and she’s not bitchy, so we clicked straight away. She’s a strong independent woman who’s been through a lot, publicly, and she still stands her ground. I love her for that.”

We think young women would learn a great deal if the media reported more on the female friendships that exist in the industry! As for Mel B, well she’s not ready to apologize for her bold, brassy attitude, and nor will she ever.

“I don’t take life too seriously. I’m not everyone’s cup of tea, but I’m honest and real. I’m always happy, and if I’m not I fix it immediately.”





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